Andrea Maas, Ed.D

While I agree with what you say I also feel that there are more reasons for all these horrible acts that are committed. First let me say that I truly do feel very fortunate/lucky being born were we were and I think it’s difficult to understand that just because someone was born somewhere else that they might not have the same feelings about life. That THEIR support system would not teach them a similar set of values regarding how HUMANS should be treated. It is scary to think of the fact that it is not always possible to talk through the situations that separate the feelings of HUMANS. I think we need to remember too that to the humans that commit these horrible acts, their VICTIMS are THOSE people. Somewhere along the line the ability to tolerate others beliefs was lost. Both sides preach tolerance but sometimes it seems that some only tolerate those that agree with them. They don’t even want to hear an opposing opinion or allow it to be spoken. What happened? So along with asking WHY ARE YOU MAD we should also ask WHY ARE YOU SCARED…. AND someone better start listening!