Why Pokemon Go makes you happier and healthier at work

When I first heard about the game I was expecting something more similar to other video games that you normally play on your own in a closed environment, but Pokemon Go is whole different. Today Pokemon Go, as we know, is the most successful “augmented reality” game that is location-based using your GPS on iOS or Android. To make the game work you need to go outside and explore the world. If you stay inside, unfortunately it won’t get you very far in the game.

Nowadays working in an office is like playing the standard videogames that we know: we work on our own surrounded by co-workers in an office and we sit and play to get further in the game — we do not feel the need to get up and move to get the job done.

So, what can Pokemon Go do for you at the office? And why can it make you happier and healthier? This is why:

It makes you want to walk and explore

One of the biggest problems of working in offices today is that we do not get enough exercise. We sit at a desk for approximately 8 hours a day which is, as we all know, bad for your health. Some people working in offices go to gyms during work hours to compensate the lack of exercise, which is a good thing.

The benefit of Pokemon Go is that it needs a lot of walking! Because the game is based on GPS location, you need to walk in order to track a nearby Pokemon or to hatch Pokemon eggs (2 to 10 kms according to the type of egg). According to Katy Bowman, a biomechanist based in Ventura, California, “walking is the best form of exercise for cardiovascular heath and overall wellness you can get”. “Walking is a superfood. It’s the defining movement of a human,” says Bowman in her book, Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement.

Even if you are not into walking, Pokemon Go is a great motivator for getting out and walking around in order to track and hatch eggs and subconsciously it makes you healthier.

It is your daily dose of sunlight

According to many studies, sunlight is important to us human beings because it doesn’t only make you feel better, it also makes you physically and mentally healthier too. Sunlight facilitates the creation of vitamin D and combats mental disorders like depression. Plus, it has a great effect on your mood and productivity at work.

Sunlight increases the body’s production of serotonin, a feel good chemical which boosts happiness and energy levels”. Oxford University neuroscientist, Russell Foster, said: “This can have a real impact on the quality of your sleep and this has a knock-on effect on your brain function. The better light, the better sleep, the sharper you are.

The great thing about Pokemon Go is that it gets you out of the office building and benefit from the amount of sunlight you need on a daily basis — you’re not getting these benefits out of artificial light that we’re working under in the office.

Get to know your coworkers

Playing Pokemon Go with your coworkers is also a great way to make you happier and healthier because it is good for your social well-being.

In my company for instance coworkers organize mini-breaks to get out and chase Pokemon all together. It is a way to spend time with each other differently and to take a break from work. You might meet colleagues you normally never speak to during the day or get to know new colleagues from other departments.

Go and catch ’em all at work and stay healthy!

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