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The purpose of every brand on the planet is to build trust.

But how?

This is the money question. Trust is such an abstract concept that it can sometimes be a little hard to rationalize.

Over the last years working as a Creative Director, I’ve been developing a framework that helps me approach branding more strategically.

I think trust can be built around three main areas:

  • Capacity
    Your ability to solve someone else’s problem.
  • Coherency
    Your ability to be predictable by maintaining your actions and words aligned over time.
  • Consideration How much you care about the people of whom trust…

In the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, it is explained that brands don’t exist in reality. Brands are imaginary constructions companies create to get people together to do something while profit is being made.

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Many of us agree with that way of looking at brands. After many years working as a Creative Director in the tech space, I’ve come up with my own definition of brand.

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Being part of an in-house creative team means delivering best-in-class design and content on a daily basis. At Typeform, the creative team mostly develops digital projects, but we also do many other things like video content, merchandising or events.

Over the last four years, we’ve perfected a process that we’ve followed like a blueprint for producing all our creatives.

Here are its four main stages.

1. Design Strategy

The creative process starts when we receive a creative brief.

If you’re interested in getting the PDF of our creative brief template, send me a DM on Instagram at @antolino and I will share it…

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How do you rebrand an existing company making sure everyone is onboard? Here are all details on how we created a new brand identity for Typeform together with DesignStudio.

Learn from our challenges in creating the Typeform brand.

Where did we start

From the day I joined Typeform, I felt a disconnect between our brand and the spirit of the company.

Our identity was a Frankenstein of values and feelings we’d accumulated along the way. It contained lots of good ideas, but we never had a strategy behind it.

The tagline was “Make things a little more human” — something we felt strongly about…

Alex Antolino

Creative Director ● Keynote Speaker ● Overnight music producer. I help brands discover who they are, and do good through design & content in every interaction.

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