Virna Seminario


I LOVE this. I love the way you talk about your feelings in such a human way. Your voice is honest and completely unique. I also really enjoy the humor you put into some of the parts of your writing, such as in “Marley and me”… it gives a good balance between deep thoughts and a friendly tone.

Your anecdotes are amazing as well. You talk about different stages in your life and how they shaped you into who you are now. All of your writing is self-reflective and I can feel your desperation when writing the blog post.

Yet, what I enjoyed the most is the ending. It’s as if all of that rage within you had ceased and you were at peace with yourself, reflecting about your thoughts. You were able to step back and analyze your reactions and turn things the other way around. Just like you said, you took the first big step: you want to make a change. This is incredibly brave and strong and I believe that you’ll achieve amazing things in life.

I loved it and I loved the way you shifted your mindset into a positive one in the end…

You should be proud :)

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