After Dems Crime Bill, They Now Need Super Predators Votes To Survive…

I grew up as a Gangster Disciples in Racine, WI, a deindustrialized city in the rust belt of the Midwest. Many of the people I grew up with were either first or second generations born outside the black belt. We came to age amidst guns, drugs, and violence. The jobs that brought our grandparents and parents North were not there for us. However, there was no mass reeducation program sponsored by the Democrats or the black leadership. All these people who came up north and their grandchildren were trapped in urban poverty; in fact, those who grew up in the early 90s, if they are being honest, will tell you there were more people saying yes or exposing juveniles to drug dealing and other risky adult behaviors than they were trying to prevent them.

It wasn’t until I was finally incarcerated that I began to see the role that Democrats and ineffective black leadership played in creating the instability of black America A.C. (after crack). I spent the five years of my incarceration reading, analyzing, and reflecting. This allowed me to go through a social and political awakening. So much so that I enrolled in a university and in the next few months will graduate with my Ph.d. I said all that I said to say this, now that I have an understanding of myself in content and context with what transpired from 1979 to the Obama era why in the hell would I vote for the Democrats? Why would I follow the Mountain Top Generation of ineffective black mis-leadership when I know they don’t represent our advocate for our community or people? I am not they only one who has had the time to reflect and inform themselves so they could reform themself. There are a lot of brothers who were programed to f*ck up but are awaking up, and they don’t like what they see.

As always well done. Thank you!!!