Stepping down as a JSHint lead

Anton Kovalyov
Jul 22, 2014 · 1 min read

New lead: Rick Waldron

When I started JSHint over three years ago I didn’t have any grandiose plans in mind. I was annoyed at JSLint and wanted to have a better tool.

January 18, 201115:49 antonkovalyov: i am seriously thinking about forking jslint
15:58 antonkovalyov: paul_irish, do you use any linter for your project?
16:00 paul_irish: antonkovalyov: no
16:00 paul_irish: also. you should start by forking jslint
16:00 paul_irish: honestly there needs to be a proper fork on jslint these days.

Since then, I think, I did a good job maintaining the project. There were a few missteps here and there but overall it was a good ride.

These days, however, I don’t spend much time on JSHint. At work, I concentrate on building Medium. After work, I explore topics that aren’t related to parsing computer programs written in JavaScript. Hence my decision to step down.

The new maintainer is Rick Waldron, an awesome guy who cares a lot about JavaScript and the web. I’m confident he’ll be an amazing project lead. Logistically, not much will change. Rick has been a core contributor for a few months now. I will just give him publishing rights to our NPM package and access to our Twitter accounts.

Thank you all for your support and patches.

Peace out.

    Anton Kovalyov

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