Harry and his door

Just a story

A boy was standing in front of a door. His name was Harry and, maybe, he was a teenager, who knows? The boy was afraid of the doors, he always dreamed to open it, but it was so hard to venture. Harry knew what was going on behind it. A lot of his dreams and wishes were there. He only had to open. He only had to believe he could do it, but...

Harry was standing in front of the door. He had heard about people who were already on the other side. They were behind-door-people. They were fewer of us. Someone thought they were better us, but they were just bolder. Some of those people were like Harry - they had many attempts to open their doors. Others opened on the first try.

This happened. Harry had to open this fucking door. One of the reasons was a bag. Every time you didn't open a door, it became heavier. The boy knew it. The boy knew a few people who have not been able to come to their next door because of their bags. The boy was afraid. By the way, 22th episode 5 season " How I met your mother" is about baggage, but not in my meaning.

A story in the story. I met my nephew this summer, it was the first time I saw him not in the picture. And I caught a moment. It was awesome. I saw his first steps. He made those steps and he wasn't afraid of anything. He just made them. He was pleased with himself. He was only almost a year old, but he was successful. It's my nephew. I'm proud of him. But what about Harry?

He approximately opened that door. He turned the handle of the door. But... It is always a "but", isn't it? The boy felt a beautiful feeling. It was something in his mind. Harry knew that feeling. We sense it when we find out we win the game, achieve the goal, when we come home after a good working day. Harry was like a rock star in his head.

He opened it. He made a step. He made his dream come true. It was unbelievable. A lot of his dreams and his wishes. And a lot of new doors. Harry was happy he did it.

Sometimes we all stand in front of a door and we have to understand it is nothing besides us and doors . Fears are nothing. Thoughts about failures are nothing . They don’t matter. His name was Harry and I’m sure he was a teenager. He was clear, but not a genius. He was handsome, but not everyone thought so. He was cheerful, he was a dreamer.

Thank you for reading.