Ideas for software I’d like to design myself or to be designed.

Earlier, in my first post I mentioned two ideas. I’d like to add more and talk about those ideas in more detail.

  1. Arabic English App
  2. Breathing App
  3. Youtube parser for commentaries for most common words and longest comments. Also I need to know how to separate sub comments.
  4. Nitrotype keylogger.
  5. Chrome / Firefox extension that adds two options in the right click in the bookmarks: Move to top and Move to bottom.
  6. Typing stuff. There is a lot to be described and I really need to think about this one. I’m kinda planning on doing some UX research ( and These are really good software and want to learn how they designed it.)

Next step would be to hone in on the breathing app because important for me. I’d like collaborate with more experienced programmers on this one.