Slacked off for a couple days? Common, bite the bullet and roll with the punches.

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I’m gonna ramble a little a bit.

Haven’t been touching JS for a couple days slowed me down. Not by a lot, but I feel it (it’s measurable, it has weight).

How hard is it to slack off or get distracted?

Are they the same things?

I think I’m confusing these two things. They are different but go hand in hand. One lead to another. How do you take control over your distractions. No recipe man. No recipe.

Ah, there is one. And it’s called the truth. Just don’t bullshit yourself and take a good example from Haseeb Qureshi.

How would I justify the following excuses for myself:

  • I got a cat. I’m a cat newbie. It took me some time to adjust. Actually I haven’t adjusted yet. There is so much to learn about cats. My kitten got fleas from her cat mom. I’ve been figuring out how to deal with that. The kitten is also pretty active and can playfully attack my legs and hands. Now when I’m behind my computer my legs are under the table. If the kitten is under the table I can’t see it. It attacks me and I’m not aware of the attack. I don’t have Unagi. So I scream quietly and curse the cat.
  • The cat messed with my sleep patterns.
  • Another excuse is that I am very interested in other languages beside JS. They are Rust, Python, Elm, Haskell, Erlang, Elixir. The most serious and exciting for me beside JS is Rust. I also just try to learn python a little bit. Python is good for tinkering scripts on Linux, some web scrapping, or working with a database. I don’t want to do anything outstanding with Python at the moment. I want to learn Haskell mainly to understand functional programming in its purest form and Haskell is a fantastically well designed language for that purpose.

Writing this post may seem like some meta stuff. And it is.

I’m trying to make a correct assessment and get things from my unconscious mind to my consciousness.

Oh, no! I just went to the kitchen and ate some fish. It was not good. Gotta be bulletproof.

I have stopped writing this post and put my learning off for a couple more days. Outrageous.

Now I understand what the main problem is.

I’m craving distractions.

I’m a curios person. I have a tendency to click on links out of curiosity. Sometimes it’s helpful. Sometimes it’s not. I need some way to validate the usefulness of this approach.

The easy way for evaluating the approach is this:

If you want to have something you didn’t have. You have to do something, you haven’t done before. (Coco Chanel or not?)

So far I have been adding links to my bookmark manager that I consider my holly place.

That is a wrong strategy. Because I’ve done it many times and I still don’t have what I want. I’m still not good at programming yet.

Earlier on I was distracted by social networks. Vk (the Russian one) in particular ate a lot of my time. Not I don’t spend much time there.

There is another black hole on the internet — Youtube.

There is so much great content on youtube but there is so much clickbait at the same time, including titles and thumbnails.

I need to pose some discipline on myself. I’d better write more.

So that’s what I’m going to do when I notice that I got distracted.

Links in the article:

  1. Interview with Haseeb Qureshi. The interview is great. He also has a blog that is full of interesting things the link in the description of the video.
  2. Some funny moments from “Friends” in an episode called “Unagi”.