Get back on track

Thoughts on Proverbs 3:1–12

45 Days since my last Quiet Time journal.. what better time to restart than the start of the new year.

Is Christianity a Sprint or a Marathon? In light of eternity, our joys and struggles are just a breath, a dot in the expanse of forever. But how significant that dot is! How we live in that dot determines our place in eternity.

But in the day to day grind, Christianity feels like — and probably should be lived as if on — a marathon. Long, tiring, and needs to have good discipline and strong motivation.

Disclosure, I’ve only experienced running a marathon once, and it was a half-marathon, not even “running to win” but just be able to get to the finish line.

It’s easy to follow the wisdom in Proverbs 3 for one day. Maybe two or three. But daily for one week? For one month? I couldn’t do it.

Do we just give up? No.

We are on this race whether we like it or not (all the way to eternity). We have grace to continue this race even when we stray or stumble. We have power to finish this race not through our own strength but through the Holy Spirit.

May God bless us as we get back on track this year.

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