The problem-solver

Yesterday I got — quite uncharacteristically — frustrated. Frustrated that I had to fix problems. Granted, it was for people I care deeply about (family) and for people I work for/with, so it’s well within my expected responsibilities. I also knew what needed to be done and the steps to do it, so it’s not unfixable. I just… got frustrated.

Writing this now is painful for me. Like I said, it was quite uncharacteristic of me to (1) turn down an opportunity to help, (2) be frustrated. I guess I have some bad days too.

At the latter part of the day, out of nowhere, God reminded me of my recent study of the book of Numbers. I was reminded of how the Israelites would go to Moses often to complain and bring their issues. By my limited knowledge, I know that Moses got frustrated once — and that did not go well for him at all.

The rest of the time, how did Moses react to the problems raised to him? He would turn to God. I didn’t, and that was what was wrong with my mindset yesterday.

I am not the problem-solver. God is the problem-solver. How silly of me to think that I am capable of fixing the issues that come to me. God is the giver of wisdom. How did I forget about that?

Looking forward, I am excited with this changed mindset. This is so much more effective, and less stressful.

Problems brought to me are actually opportunities for me to bring glory to God. That’s how it’s supposed to be.