Thoughts on Numbers 33

Moses wrote down their starting places, stage by stage, by command of the Lord, and these are their stages according to their starting places. (‭Numbers‬ ‭33‬:‭2‬ ESV)

At the command of the Lord, Moses wrote regularly about their journey. Generation upon generation people were blessed with this writing, even thousands of years later. What a wonderful encouragement to press on and continue to write about my own spiritual journey.

My journal is most definitely not in the same league as Moses’, but it serves a similar purpose — to remind us about God’s goodness, faithfulness and great love.

It’s interesting that the Israelite journey is marked by stages of camping then setting out. Camp, Set out, Camp, Set out, Camp, Set out, repeat. I wonder if this has parallels on our own spiritual journey?

Of course, we know that after all the camping, and moving, and fighting, and stumbling, and repenting, and worshiping, eventually they will reach the land of promise. In God’s time, so will we.

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