Introducing Highrise World & LAND

5 min readJan 24, 2022


After 8 years and 15 million users, the digital nation of Highrise is zooming out… and welcoming you to the Highrise World.

As a community, Highrise has developed its own identity. Now, we’re giving our users the ability to create their own communities by expanding our vision to include an entire digital continent, parcels of which are available to own in the form of LAND where you can build towers with many rooms & experiences. LAND will be unique (non-fungible) tokens that exist on the Layer 1 Ethereum blockchain (ERC 721).

Landowners will be able to build their own nations, cultivating a rich and unique identity by creating experiences, renting or giving away rooms, and customizing their LAND exactly as they see fit. The Highrise World is a true metaverse built by its users.

At the center of the Highrise World exists the community you all know and love, which we are calling Highrise 101 (affectionately named after the brilliant Taipei 101). We intend this 101 to serve as a model from which you can build your own nation and community.

How will the Highrise World work?

The Highrise World will be composed of unique (non-fungible) ERC-721 LAND tokens on Ethereum that are represented on a map. Each LAND has a pre-determined location and size. On each LAND, you can build your own tower with many different rooms. LAND itself will be a customizable room experience that will be the starting point to access your community’s tower.

Three different parcel types will exist on the map:

  • LAND: These are individual parcels of LAND. They exist as isometric, interactive parcels on which a landowner can create their own tower. Each user-owned tower is composed of rooms. Landowners can determine how to distribute rooms to their community (paid or free), as well as what tax to collect on experiences in their rooms.
  • ESTATE: These are larger domains composed of multiple LAND parcels owned by a single user. Estates offer more customizability, richer experiences, and higher revenue shares with our platform.
  • DISTRICT: These are larger domains composed of multiple LAND parcels owned by multiple users. Districts can be governed as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), complete with governance tools that allow owners to make key district decisions.

By owning more connected LAND in the form of ESTATES and DISTRICTS, you’ll have more opportunities to design complex systems for gaming, social, and creative experiences.

What can you do with Highrise LAND?

LAND is how community builders can create their very own versions of Highrise 101 (called towers). These ERC-721 tokens will allow you to build your own community, with its own collection of rooms, items, experiences, and more.

Build and rent rooms, LAND, and ESTATEs

Each LAND comes with its own tower containing many rooms; both rooms and LAND itself can be be rented out.

Play and create games

Landowners and anyone who owns rooms on their LAND are able to create games and experiences. Room owners can use our developer tools to play, host events, or simply hang out. Additionally, room owners will be able to use our tools to charge for the experiences they host, and landowners can define the fee they will take on top (0% is fine, too — and probably a good idea for growing your LAND!).

Earn an income and profit

As you and your community build experiences on your LAND, you’ll be able to monetize your audience in a variety of different ways. You can choose to charge others to visit your LAND, to play games, to rent rooms, to buy your NFTs, and more. You’ll also be able to sell your LAND whenever you like.

Govern and rule

Multiple different landowners will be able to come together to form DISTRICTs, which are decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that govern the underlying land. They can come together to agree on how to manage the communities that emerge in their DISTRICT.

Brand your ESTATE and DISTRICTs

Owners of ESTATEs and DISTRICTs will be able to brand their community experiences with unique URLs (e.g., a branded page, and a stand-alone app that opens to your ESTATE and contains customized branding and design.

The Future of Highrise LAND

Highrise World Token

We will be launching a Highrise World Token that will be used for a variety of different utilities in Highrise, including paying for in-game NFTs, producing in-game NFTs out of existing items, and more. This token will be the native currency of the Highrise World.

Highrise Gamemaker

With Highrise Gamemaker, you or your community will be able to develop your own experiences in the Highrise World. You’ll be able to import assets, write scripts, and leverage our tools to create custom experiences — from real-time games to competitions to podcasts — whatever else you can dream up.

Highrise Assets/NFTs

You will be able to make your own NFTs and items that you can sell on your LAND, and that can be traded in the Highrise marketplace. We will help you launch these NFTs and ensure that they operate effectively in-app.

How will LAND be sold?

LAND will be sold in several pre-sale phases. The first phase will be exclusive to holders of the Highrise Creature Club tokens. Subsequent pre-sale phases will allow for separate whitelists. Eventually, LAND will be auctioned in several public sale waves. More information will be shared on this soon.