Living in Palo Alto before the Internet?!

Inspired by a Quora question, naturally:

What was it like to live in Palo Alto pre-1990?

Despite its cozy, symbiotic relationship with Stanford University’s computer science and engineering pioneers that stretched back decades, Palo Alto was much less monolithically tech-focused before the commercial Internet explosion of the 1990s. It formed the northern terminus of Silicon Valley back then (no, really; San Francisco was almost an afterthought to the tech community). Tonier than its South Bay neighbors Mountain View or Sunnyvale, it was pleasantly upper-middle-class, yet not “wealthy” on the whole (that would be Atherton), housing a disproportionate number of educated professionals of all kinds, including many Stanford faculty, of course. (Professors and their families really lived in those beautiful homes of Professorville.)

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