On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

THANK YOU! I only just discovered this incredibly detailed, thorough piece after the sickening Nevada convention debacle, where the kind of intellectual dishonesty you catalog was on display (and still is in social media), augmented by hate speech and threats of violence. I found myself cheering virtually every sentence you wrote.

As one who put body and soul into the 2008 Obama campaign—and is thrilled with the progress of the past seven years in the face of monolithic GOP obstructionism—it frankly sickens me to see not one or two but scores of patently false talking points hurled by don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts Sandernistas along with the misogyny and vulgar slurs directed at everyone from Hillary Clinton to Barbara Boxer to Roberta Lange. This in a primary campaign within the Democratic Party. Comparisons to Trump and the Republicans are astoundingly apt—except that Trump is winning.

I’m used to seeing this kind of contempt for inconvenient facts and logic on Fox News in the Rovian tradition that if you repeat “up is down” enough times, voters will believe you. I wanted to believe we were better than that on the left. Sanders’ cadre of shrieking ideologues—now throwing a mass tantrum because his quixotic campaign is sputtering at its inevitable conclusion—are determined to prove me wrong.