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The core point of logic that white Bernie loyalists can’t or won’t acknowledge is that because people of color overwhelmingly support Clinton (and Obama before her), their world view must be premised on the conceit that they (and Sanders) know better than PoC what is good for themselves.

I respect internecine conflict among Latinos, African-Americans, etc. on both sides of the Bernie vs. Hillary debate, but when mostly-young-and-white Berners stridently advance this point of view, it comes across as patronizing and racist: The 95% of black voters in 2012 or 93% in 2008 who chose Obama don’t know what’s in their own best interest and are committed to furthering the corporate Wall Street agenda of a corrupt Establishment oligarchy conspiring to keep them down? After electing the first non-white POTUS in history? Really?

If Obama doesn’t represent “working people” (which I hear endlessly as a talking point), does that mean 95% of black folks (1) are too stupid or ignorant to recognize they’ve been duped by a corrupt corporate shill, (2) realize but are shameless sell-outs nonetheless, (3) somehow don’t count as “working people”, or some combination of the above? (Repeat for Latinos, who also voted overwhelmingly for Obama twice.) Do they realize how monumentally arrogant and patronizing that appears?

The Sanders fairy tale only works in an imaginary world where Obama never won the Democratic Party nomination in 2008 or the general elections in ’08 and 2012.

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