UAHPAY — Ukraine Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrencies have the power to transform Nation’s and the current finance system as we know it today. UAHPay has been developed as a Ukrainian Cryptocurrency, ICO trading platform and Cryptobank. Ukraine is in the midst of a devastating financial crisis and struggles to cope with the fallout from Crimea’s recent Annexation by Russia.

What is UAHPay ?
UAHPay was founded by blockchain specialists with strong Cryptography and development skills. Already successful in the online space the founders of UAHPay have now set their ambitions to changing a Nation and restoring trust in the banking system. Using existing blockchain technology and fiat platforms already in place we seek to provide a Cryptobank, ICO trading platform for Ukraine and the World.
UAHPay has been in development for over a year. Its core focus has been developing the blockchain technology, trading platform and app that will power the platform. UAHPay has assembled an expert management team with a diverse range of skills from cryptocurrency, Ukraine Politics, banking and security.
This time the ERC20 based token is very popular for use in different worlds. In addition, it benefits too many tokens projects based on the ERC20, it is very useful and enjoys the results. Perhaps you should try investing in ICO UAHpay to get a satisfactory result. Because, following the profits of ICO bnyak, you will receive. in Ukraine there is a project to change the banking system in the country. The project uses Blockchain Technology, creating complex platforms. The name of this project is UAHPay.UAHpay plans to use the crypto-currency system in banks for Ukraine and for the whole world. You might be wondering how Greenpeace works and what we can get when it comes to its ICO and its services. The plans to use the system of crypto currency in the bank for Ukraine and for the whole world.

UAHPAY has a Vision in Cryptocurrency is the power to change the state. In Ukraine almost everyone has their own homes, vehicles due to financial instability caused by the Government and social reform. During this time many banks steal it’s Citizens money. UAHPAY seeks to implement Government-supported cryptocurrency & Banks that will restore confidence in financial institutions. Users will hold multiple currencies in a secure payment system that can not be stolen with a single attack.


UAHPAY Application
Delivering the right solutions from our customer’s fingertips, the UAHPay app is a highly advanced and robust solution. When we designed this app we set our goals to integrate as many features as possible which include :


UAHPay Card

The UAHPay card will be issued by two of the World’s leading issuers and processing platforms. We will be listed on two stock exchanges and will hold two bank licenses in Germany and Ukraine. Our goal is to have a North American Banking license as well in the future in order to capitalize on other markets
Our processing platform is a Mastercard and Visa accredited processor with Level 1 PCI DDD compliance. We will provide in-house technical support and card holder concierge services.


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