Old Laptop to Digital Dashboard

Every morning I answer the same set of questions from the little one. “Dad is it hot today?” “Dad what do I wear?” “Dad when is it my birthday?” “Dad do I have karate tonight?” “Dad is it Christmas yet?”

So to help her (and save my sanity) I decided to re-purpose an old Dell laptop into a digital photo frame with a dashboard for her. Luckily work had an old one they were throwing away and it was perfect for the job!

The frame is an Ikea Ribba and I got the white edge laser cut at Frames Now! to the exact measurements of the LCD.

As for the dashboard itself, I couldn’t find any decent free options, particularly with an image widget. In the end I went with Start.me which is about $25AUD per year. If I ever get the time I’ll write my own.

The beauty of Dell laptops is they don’t manufacture their own displays, they are all from Samsung. So if the laptop CPU starts getting too warm stuck in the back of a photo frame I can always swap the entire thing out for converter board and a Raspberry Pi. (You can get the converter boards from eBay for about $40AUD shipped LED/LCD Controller Board)

Source: IsItAboutMyCube?