I am…..human…..am I not?

‘’I was always a weird, nerdy person. When I was 6 I started getting into robotics and computer science. It wasn’t hard as my father was a robotic engineer. My mother was a neuroscientist with a psychology degree. They were the best in their fields of research, however they never told me who are they working for. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out, based on the amazing technology in our house, the secrecy about their job and the weird ‘’meetings’’ that took place at 2 am, that they weren’t working in a hospital or a normal lab.

It being summer I was really bored. So what else can a brilliant 16 years old girl do with her free time than create a complex program. I had various robots and small inventions in my room, and a lot of programs on my laptop. On that specific day I wanted to create a slightly more complex ‘’True or false’’ program.

I’ve worked on it for about 17 days and it was finally done: based on facial recognision, a brief body scan,a lie detector and information from the internet it answerd with true or false to any statement. It wasn’t the most developed programs I have ever created — as I do have an A.I program that s extremly complex- but I did work hard for this and I was very excited as the possibilties with this were endless: if the body scan was developed more it could even answer simply to something like: I have cancer.

After all of this hard work, I’ve decided to try it out with some questions:

‘’I love chocolate cake’’ I said


‘’I hate dogs’’


‘’ Ok, lie detector works’’ I say to myself as I check a little box on my list ‘’Let’s test the internet access: Abraham Lincoln died in the year 1865'’ I say


‘’Mark Twain wrote ‘Crime and Punisment’ ‘’


‘’ Very well…’’ I say as I nod very pleased with my work… ‘’Let’s test you some more’’

‘’ I am female’’ I say loudly


‘’ I am human’’

The machine pauses…. It activates body scan

‘’Why are you activating body scan? Is it really necessary? Ughh… it should use the lie detector….’’

‘’False’’ says the machine after a few minutes, in its cold mechanical voice

‘’What? What happened?!! You were working so well…. ‘’ then I say in a clear voice, double checking ‘’I am human!’’

‘’False’’ it says faster this time.

‘’What is wrong with it?’’…. ‘’My name is Annie’’ I try to check


‘’I am Christine’’ I say waiting for the obvious answer


‘’ Very well…. Let’s try again: I am human’’

‘’ False’’

I then turn it off and start checking the program and the body scan program. It all works perfectly! I turn it on again and start saying angrily

‘’ I am a ghost’’

‘’ False’’

‘’I am an alien’’

‘’ False’’

‘’I am …. a …. monster’’

‘’ False’’

‘’ I am a demon’’ I say in a deep voice, laughing

‘’ False’’

‘’ I am…. a….. robot’’ I say in a robot-like voice, trying to have fun

‘’ True’’ the program says easily as my laughter slowly dies and I look more and more confused

I look at it blankly for a few mintues and the I angrily turn it off…

It took me hours to finally do something. I got up and went downstairs. I’ve opened my parents computer and started opening the locked files on it. After an hour I’ve found a secret file and I’ve opendd it: It said ‘’A.I: Operation Life-like’’. A small program opened. I’ve clicked on general information and it read: ‘’ A.I : Operation Life-like. This program is based on the work of doctor Amelia Oseen and engeneer Christian Downsmen (my parents). We are aiming to creat a flawless A.I program that looks like a real human being, grows and eats and has feelings. With the works of mr. Downsmen’s team and the researc of dr. Oseen team we have created an perfectly real A.I system that is so complex that it doesn’t even know it’s a robot. Dr. Oseen and mr. Downsmen have taken the responasbilty to take are the development and safety of the A.I system 2CHR047. ‘’

I continued reading about their work and research, about the flaws that they have fixed and the problems that occured during the research. After an hour of reading files I’ve heard my parents … or my creators, i guess… car. I’ve turned of the computer and went outside. When they’ve seen me, ‘mom’ said : ‘’Hey, sweetie! Sorry for being late!’’ ‘Dad’ came towards me and said showing me a bag from my favourite restaurant saying :’’We got your favourite! The were out of chillie sauce, so we got you something else, hope you don’t…’’ he then saw my face and stopped ‘’What’s wrong?’’ he asked with a starnge look on his face…

‘’I know everything.’’ I say and they have understood in the blink of an eye.

‘’Oh, no!’’ dad said tiredrly ‘’Doctor Oseen… she knows. What should we do?

‘’Oh, it found out again?’’ said doctor Oseen

‘’It?!’’ I scream with tears in my eyes ‘’Mom, I’m your daughter! Look, I don’t know what this is! It isn’t real, is it mom? Plese, please tell me it isn’t reall!’’ I say sobbingly.

‘’Oh, evertime this breaks my heart! We need to fic this, Christian,if this keeps happening I’ll go mad!’’

‘’And you think it doesn’t affect me?!’’ he says’’And I really liked this one! She grew up to be such an awsome person!’’

‘’Well, we don’t have another option. Delet its memory card. I will call the Center and clean the room.’’

‘’Ughh… sure’’ dad says as he looks at me one last time sadly before heading to his computer

‘’ What?! What do you mean?!’’ I say as they both ignore me ‘’Mommy! Daddy, please!’’ I say with tears in my eyes ‘’Please!’’ I scream without even knowing what I am begging for. And then… I …’’

This is what mr. Downsmen reads on the memory card before slecting it and deleting it. He then saves this tries profile to :Unsuccessful and creates a new memory card for a new A.I. The 16 years old body in the kitchen starts to change itself back to the robotic form and it gets smaller and smaller and then it slowly becomes more and more human looking. Mr. Downsmen eneters the kitchen and looks at the temporary asleep body of a 3 year old girl that they will have to call daughter now and hope this time it won’t find out…..