A Modern Tale of Smog

A Modern Tale of Smog is an inner conversation and self-questioning of a woman who looks back at the state of London’s air pollution. She compares the past to what is her present, and our future, air conditions. This film is the story of life in London in a dystopian-like air polluted future.

At a time when air pollution is an ever-increasingly important public topic, we imagined a worst-case-scenario which accompanies the current laissez-aller attitudes towards the city’s air quality. Considering different aspects of contemporary life in London, we envisaged a future where everything we currently take for granted is removed, leaving us in a claustrophobic and sombre place.

The text was inspired by one of the highest days of pollution in London this year, which coincidentally occurred at the same time as a neighbourhood fire. The film was created on the basis of this text. A soundtrack was then composed to highlight the mood felt whilst editing the video.