Self-Care Tips for Strippers

Stripping requires a positive attitude and a lot of antibacterial hand gel

Illustration by Amina Maya

Watch an advertisement for anything from Hot Pockets to toothpaste and you see a woman’s body sliced and diced, commodified, and unwrapped.

How does a stripper take care of herself on the job, maintain her deeply alluring healthy glow, remain playful and accommodating, keep her attitude positive, and refrain from holding a grudge while being slimed upon, ripped off, and callously rejected?

Beneath that question is the well-being of women and the small ways we can improve the lives of women who are economically struggling in a system that condemns and exploits them.

Tips and Tits: Self Care for Strippers

1. Get Rest

2. Drink Water

3. Bring Snacks

4. Stay Alert

5. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

6. Wash Your Hands

7. Gargle With Listerine

8. Exercise Outdoors Most Days

9. Don’t Take Any Of It Personally

10. Save Your Money

Writer, SW Forever, Professor, Cat Lady, Screenwriter, Creative Nonfiction Grand Prize Winner for PRISM International Journal, 2018;

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