Fragment the skills for Radio and Television

To own a radio transmitter is 98.8% of French households. If you think that in 1981 the radio was heard only by 72% favourite tamil online radio of the population, it is understandable that in the past twenty years in France has seen a very strong development the radio audience. In figura9 it is illustrated the tendency of the reach daily radio in tamil online fm radio France between 1997 and 2002: also in this case, there has been a constant tendency to the growth of the penetration of the medium, which reaches 83.7% of the population in 2000 and undergoes a slight contraction in 2001 LL’operator public is represented by Radio France (RF), (RFO) and Radio France Internationale (RFI).

In Radio France it includes five stations with nationwide circulation: France Inter, France, France Culture, France Info France Blue et. In 2000, the private radio stations favourite tamil online radio in France were about 1157. Classified in5 several categories, they receive a permit renewable period of five years.

Each issuer authorized also stipulates with (CSA), an agreement which defines the obligations for the operator, particularly with regard to the contents, advertising and radio for music, the proportion of songs French that must be 40% of that tamil online fm radio being transmitted. Among the major private operators (Table 5), there are important groups listed on the stock exchange: RTL Group, NRJ and LVMH business operator of the fashion and luxury goods, which controls two radio stations. In terms of audience the private broadcaster RTL leader is closely followed by NRJ and Europe1 Within Figure 10 shows the among the leading French radio in its evolution between 1995 and 2001: the distribution has remained essentially stable, with a clear superiority of the RTL group on public radio with France Inter and France Info, followed by the group NRJ and Nostalgia and radio stations controlled by the group (Europe1 above) Thee investment tamil online fm radio in advertising on radio up over 7% of the advertising market French (Figure 11), one of the highest shares held by radio in major European countries.

Distribution of the audience

France is a market characterized by strong ability to attract resources by radio and magazines (32%), compared to a minor role, compared to other countries, done by newspapers (16.6%) and television (29.5 %). The investments in the medium of radio has experienced a decreasing phase between 1995 and 1997, while they recorded tamil online fm radio a strong overhang positive especially between 1998 and 1999, inter Ali, against the general trend of the market (as shown in Figure 13) Neill’ultimo period radio maintains its positions in the context of a generalized depression of the markets Ass for the transition to digital radio, TDF (de France) has activated the first DAB services since 1997. From that date, TDF has created 13 programs on two DAB multiplexes only are Paris, which together with the multiplex run tamil online fm radio by Lowercase are able to provide coverage only in the Paris region, with 10 million users, about 17% of the French population.

These are followed by other services in major cities such, Nantes, Toulouse and also on the motorway between Tours and Poitier, allowing coverage of 26% of the population (approximately 15 million people). Generally programming is equally divided between commercial and public radio. Pending favourite tamil online radio new legislation intervening in the mess of digitization, the French sector refers to the so-called Loci Villon 2002.

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