Week 1 — Greek Lit.

August 23, 2016

1. What seems to be most important to Achilles? What is most important to Agamemnon? What specific passages reveal their values to you?

- From the opening scene and line of The Iliad of Homer; SING, goddess, the anger of Peleus’ son Achilleus” (book 1.line 1) I have an understanding that Achilles is upset and something or someone has terribly upset him; as book one continues I got a better understanding of why he was upset and Agamemnon being the culprit. I don’t feel that Achilles is wrong for feeling the way that he does and has every right to be upset and pull out of a war mainly under the direction of Agamemnon; a man who has no respect for others.

- Achilles characteristics: hot headed, successful, great warrior/hero, and respectful.

- Agamemnon characteristics: clueless, selfish, conceited, boastful, shameless, and disrespectful.

2. How do Achilles and Agamemnon see their own identity…

- Achilles would identify himself as a great warrior and successful leader. He plays(fights) by the book and is concerned about his “kleos”; Achilles doesn’t want to be known as some great war hero whose war prize was taken and he stood by and did nothing about it.

- Agamemnon is more concerned with looks and how his outer appearance intimidates others. In book one Agamemnon out rightly denies Chryses his daughter despite his pleas and abundance of jewels and money. Agamemnon is keeping up with appearances and doesn’t want anyone surrounding him to get he impression that he is easily persuaded and empathetic. No, Agamemnon’s “Kelos” will be of strength and unrelenting brass.

3. How do you decide how much a human being is worth?

- I am currently living off campus and have direct access to close family members so I had the luxury of having this conversation in person with my mother. With our discussion a lot was brought to my attention; I can’t say that I know what definitely determines a person’s worth but a person’s mind set, goals, and attributions in society.

- Mind set: is this person aware of their surroundings, i.e. world and local news, politics, and general involvement in society. A person of sound and mind should be able to tell you about the current political climate…. why because the climate will ultimately effect them (directly or indirectly) whether they vote or not.

- Goals: I am a firm believer in every individual having goals, whether they be short or long term. Everyone should have some ultimate goal, some “destination” that they want to get to whether that be spiritually, intellectually, or physically. Having personal goals shows internal thinking and planning outside of media and familial influences. “Are we just here to live or living to be here”.

- Attributions in Society: Humans should all have some participation in their society; whether in be in an organization or community group…practicing as watch dogs in public areas…aside from phone recording an incident but ignorantly refusing to tell authorities. “Enough of the bystander effect”

August 25th, 2016

At the national gallery of art, I believe I visited the east wing closer to the US supreme court. It was my first time visiting the gallery I don’t have much interest in the arts, nonetheless the museum was very interesting. I enjoyed the various sculptures and paintings, one particular artist that I paid close attention was Auguste Rodin.

Rodin’s idea of love seemed to be different than most and upon further research I have come to learn that Rodin was an outcast artist of his time in the late 1800s. Rodin has be described as a “rebel” of his time; his style clashed with predominant or traditional figurative sculptures (decorative). Rodin’s work instead showcased realism and individual character.

The pieces of work that I choose were “The Kiss” (Le Baiser- 1880–1887), Women and Child (1900–1901), and Clara and Lizze, Daughters (1867). Different types of love outside of the typical romantic…sinful love/lust, woman and child, and siblings.

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