No Gym Challenge Day 6

March 6th, 2017

I struggled so much today with motivation and having the right energy to start my day. I know we all have some kind of rituals that we like to do in the mornings, to get us into the groove. For a reason I won’t go into today, I felt some sadness, which lead to demotivation. If you have any personal comments for how you like to get out of your blues, please send them below. Some of my approaches are listening to inspiring podcast or ted talks to make me feel alive, or if I have the time getting outdoors and meditating.

I know when I start my day with a good feeling I can get a lot more accomplished and generally have more positivity towards others. To me, this is really important to keep my flow going (“I don’t work I flow”). This is where working out or movement comes into play. If I get my movement needs met, like when I’m really tight in my hips and I make sure that I take enough time to warm up and stretch, and I get challenged, these both produce ideal results for me. I like to work out in the mornings to help me get into the mood that I’m wanting. I know that we don’t always have control over this, but I can definitely try.

I really wanted to have a workout today that concentrated on flexibility and strength of the lower body. I combined, the modality of yoga and some plyometric moves to get a little conditioning in. I notice when I sweat more, even though it may be harder, I feel rejuvenated after the intensity I put in. So, here goes. Please comment below on how you like the video!

Disclaimer: I’m a certified personal trainer and in school for Public Health and Nutrition.

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