Polypunk Crystal, January 2016

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1. This mix is called Crystal and it has nothing to do with David Bowie.

2. The guitar part at the beginning is from a Rolling Stones song Toshio Nakanishi mentioned when I interviewed him a few years ago.

3. Serge Gainsbourg is one of my heroes. In my dream world, Gainsbourg would team up with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

4. Another hero of mine is Steve Reich. Here’s a performance of his Music for 18 musicians.

5. Pointillistic is from Lorenzo Senni’s Superimpositions, one of my favorites of 2015. It’s rave-y yet beat-less, all tension with no release.

6. I’m pretty sure Grimes sampled a Sega Megadrive soundtrack, I don’t know which one though.

6. Most people writing hateful comments about Kanye West’s music have never heard a KY production.

7. Mike Dean is a very important part of the Kanye West sound. His contributions to My beautiful dark twisted fantasy made it a classic. My favorite moment is what he did with the second part in this song.

8. Alain Chamfort is singing Serge Gainsbourg with Pilooski. I think Gainsbourg would have worked with Pilooski too.

9. This is the crystal suite and Bowie next to Oneohtrix Point Never and Rustie makes a lot of sense. Teenage wildlife.

10. There is a Nine Inch Nails track playing in the background. Trent Reznor acknowledged he lifted the melody from Bowie.

11. Sophie is a man. He recently produced Madonna.

12. Crystal turned to gold. I like surging R&B vocals. We miss you Frank.

Selected and edited in Tokyo, January 2016.
Cover art: Crystal Jun Rock commercial (HoloAd, TVC 15, 2080)

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