Polypunk 15 (2007)

In 2005, I moved to Tokyo and started a music podcast: Polypunk. [1]

Polypunk started as a way to share my current music mood with friends and followers of the (now retired) Digiki blog. It was initiated at a moment when mp3 was still the currency of file trading; an hour of music condensed in one 60 Mo file. Back then (text) blogs were popular, and with podcasts we were all about to become broadcasters and express our voice, or so it seemed. Soundcloud and the cloud were just around the corner, with the promise of unlimited sharing, everything everywhere every time.

A word of his own: Arthur Russell (2009)

But Polypunk is actually more narrow casting: the right quantity at the right time, aimed at a small but creative audience. From the start, I have been interested in letting the music do the talking; the series is not a radio show nor a DJ mix. It is a sound collage, focusing on “bits and beats”, using pop music as the ground foundation on which to start explorations, both textural and contextual. There is no host, no DJ, and no beat-matching; tracks are selected solely based on their colors, the way they could “talk” to each other, how their titles or lyrics could form a dialogue, regardless of genres or chronology.

Polypunk after all (2008)

Making the show is a process of establishing connections between very different parts, sometimes grinding and clashing hard. At its best Polypunk sends sparks flying, sonically. There is also a sense of humor, which I hope transpires: the show is at times extremely serious yet playful, and sometimes silly. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

Polypunk (2007)

I would like to express my deepest thanks to the many friends and fans who helped make Polypunk what it is today, especially to all the artists and designers who provided original artworks for the series and to the guest selectors for widening my (and the show’s) horizons.

Here’s to ten more years of discoveries.

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[1] The Poypunk archives (2005–2015) will be made available soon. Watch this space.