The book “Is Intelligence an Algorithm?”

Recently my book “Is Intelligence an Algorithm?” was announced on It will be published in Januari 2018 by iff-books.

“Is Intelligence an Algorithm?” is a book intended to improve our intelligence by making us more aware of which steps our analytical left-brain hemisphere intelligence is carrying out when performing a task or solving a problem. The book analyses the human intelligence steps involved in perception, apperception, identification, decision and action. It also ventures into the realm of emotional intelligence and provides insights how we can keep our emotions under control.

But not all of our intelligence involves the strict guidelines of an algorithmic recipe. Creativity, intuition and problem solving show complete mental realisations where no cumbersome process of connecting-the-dots is involved. The role of neural networks and possible quantum considerations are touched upon in this framework.

Apart from human intelligence, the book also discusses how Nature appears to follow an intelligent algorithm when creating complexity and achieving what Turchin calls “meta-system transitions”.

Finally, the book has a section on artificial intelligence, in which unusual topics are discussed. Can we make a thinking robot and if yes, can it go insane? Can we endow the global brain that is developing in the form of the internet with a self-monitoring faculty, which we could baptise “artificial consciousness”? What architectural considerations would such a project entail?

I hope I have made you curious about my book. If you are interested in a review copy please contact me at tuynmanattelfortdotnl. (Replace the at with an @ and the dot with a .

Book details:

Author: Antonin Tuynman

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing: iff-books

ISBN 978-1-78535–670–4