The core value rested upon the microservices, APIs and abstract data layers we built. This software powered crucial business operations from tracking a fleet of trucks to automating inbound marketing. Our Digital Transformation jet was already in the air while the competition was just starting to build their plane and train their pilots.

It took a few years to build a digital advantage so vast, competitors started copying our client’s design to a tee, but as anyone who followed Apple’s Steve Jobs knows, design is not how it looks it’s how it works.

Digital Transformation: Discovery Phase

We need more vehicles to empower overlooked founders and unlock the profits they can bring. This is a proposal for a funding structure that bridges traditional VCs with non-traditional entrepreneurs based upon an existing and proven model, the Search Fund.

Tangelo thrives on reinvention. We look at Venture Capital as…

Digital and Talent. First recognize that every business is a digital business and then focus on talent acquisition. Read on for more.

My company’s business model is based upon the following — we break the rules of business in order to generate growth –– we do it all digitally. For our model to work, we need to set up an environment where creative input is welcomed and professional growth is baked into…

We Distilled 10 Years Of Building Tech Startups Into 6 Areas That Are Key to Your Success

When you are facing an impossible task, you need to step back and look at the reason for the perceived impossibility. What makes it impossible and why?.

Building a company from zero to a successful enterprise is an impossible task for most people. If you are in a startup, you…

Antonio Altamirano

Tech Entrepreneur

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