Stanford, the university that incubated Hewlett-Packard, Google, and Yahoo! is ushering a new age of biotech and blockchain. And while the tech industry has many issues such as a lack of diversity, it also helped underrepresented populations.

Stanford University
Stanford University
The Oval at Stanford

Stanford, the university that incubated Hewlett-Packard, Google, and Yahoo! has broadened and is ushering a new age of biotech and blockchain. And while the tech industry has many issues such as a lack of diversity, it also has given a voice to the populations it discriminated against.

1. Social Media

Peaceful moments in a world of chaos

Originally published on Thrive Global. As a biracial woman from a multicultural family, the author is primed for building bridges between people, networks, and communities.Rebecca Padnos Altamirano, Stanford MA ’01 (STEP), co-authored a book, Be The Change: Reinventing School for Student Success, with current President of the Board of Education of California Linda Darling-Hammond. The book chronicles the story of building East Palo Alto Academy (EPAA), a charter school, through the lives of five students. Rebecca was one of the founders of EPAA, where she served as both teacher and administrator, developing academic programs and partnerships, including the Early…

In the future, every brand will be Digital Native. As the new world order of branding shifts, tech-enabled businesses will take over.

Chris Labrooy
My first article on Digital Native Brands on Forbes generated a lot of interest so I decided to make an unabridged version available.My article below explores how Digital Native Brands behave and the approach they take to all aspects of their business. Feel free to highlight the article and post questions so I can respond to you.

Every brand will become a Digital Brand, and as the new world order of brands shifts, these new tech-enabled Digital…

This is the unabridged version of the original Forbes article. Venture studios are here to stay. But how are corporations reacting? They’re playing ball. This article provides a blueprint on how senior leadership at a corporation should think about when launching a venture studio. Below I explain what kind of leader you need to make it a success as well as the 5 pillars of a strong Venture (startup) Studio structure. Are you looking to set up a Venture Studio? Get in touch or tweet us @Tangelo

It has taken time for corporations to catch the startup bug.


The process…

The core value rested upon the microservices, APIs and abstract data layers we built. This software powered crucial business operations from tracking a fleet of trucks to automating inbound marketing. Our Digital Transformation jet was already in the air while the competition was just starting to build their plane and train their pilots.

It took a few years to build a digital advantage so vast, competitors started copying our client’s design to a tee, but as anyone who followed Apple’s Steve Jobs knows, design is not how it looks it’s how it works.

Digital Transformation: Discovery Phase

Self-Driving Delivery
Self-Driving Delivery
Nuro Self-Driving Delivery Car powered by AI

A version of this article was originally published by Forbes.

Technology was at the center of the biggest consumer product launches of the past 12 months and they have one thing in common: they embody what has come to be known as a digital native brand. This is an analysis that summarizes how the top DNVBs differentiate from the rest.

Kylie Jenner launched her cosmetics brand using social media and according to Vogue, Kylie sold $420M in 18 months and it’s estimated that her company will be worth over a billion dollars by 2022. Rihanna launched a makeup line for…

We need more vehicles to empower overlooked founders and unlock the profits they can bring. This is a proposal for a funding structure that bridges traditional VCs with non-traditional entrepreneurs based upon an existing and proven model, the Search Fund.

The key to finding new profitable investment opportunities is to reinvent old ideas

Tangelo thrives on reinvention. We look at Venture Capital as an industry that empowers entrepreneurs and while VC works for high-growth ventures, many consumer companies lack adequate investment mechanisms necessary to reach the fast-growth stage. This post analyzes the classic Search Fund model and provides an in-depth alternative to scale this model for the digital age. …

Digital and Talent. First recognize that every business is a digital business and then focus on talent acquisition. Read on for more.

My company’s business model is based upon the following — we break the rules of business in order to generate growth –– we do it all digitally. For our model to work, we need to set up an environment where creative input is welcomed and professional growth is baked into the system, while at the same time, managing and encouraging for calculated risks with financial and market restrictions. The companies that we partner with are carefully chosen based on factor analysis and through market and opportunity research. …

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Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are building products for a demographic profile that is homogeneous –– the tech savvy urban hipster –– usually male, white and young. Although Silicon Valley is well known across the world for innovation, there is a worrisome gap in the understanding of the domestic markets. According to The Economist, no firm has a good excuse for missing the biggest demographic trend in recent American history. Let’s explore the reasons behind this statement.

Silicon Valley’s Early Adopter Needs To Be Updated

We Distilled 10 Years Of Building Tech Startups Into 6 Areas That Are Key to Your Success

When you are facing an impossible task, you need to step back and look at the reason for the perceived impossibility. What makes it impossible and why?.

Building a company from zero to a successful enterprise is an impossible task for most people. If you are in a startup, you already took the plunge into the impossible. First of all, impossible is a premature acceptance of failure. It is a way to give in to the pressure before giving it your best. This perception is fueled by foggy emotions, unrealistic vision and a lack of process. …

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