Well, I don't know about you and I haven't read your article but my experience is quite great.
dbnex B

“Well, I don’t know about you and I haven’t read your article” would seem to disqualify you from commenting.

To clarify: I’m a happy shareholder in AAPL but an unenthusiastic customer. Have had nothing but iPhones since the 3G, they’re fine, not perfect, whatever. They deserve enormous credit for reinventing and redefining a product category there.

Have a Macbook Pro with the touchbar for my job and it’s fine, not perfect, whatever. IMHO it’s ergonomically a bad fit for me, and Apple being Apple, there are no choices in that area. I miss Windows, which I have been using for ~25 years without many complaints (to be fair, I skipped Win8 and Vista, immediately downgraded OS’s on the several machines I bought for myself and others during that period). I like Windows for its open-ness to integration with third party devices. I have shied away from Macs since day one because they have been such closed devices throughout their history. Loved the Apple II, though.

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