How do you manage to find a good balance between work and private life?

Initial results of my personal research — Working less but better (draft1)

I’ve been working on understanding the secret recipe of how to reach a good balance between work and private life.

Of course it depends on culture and different perceptions of freedom, work, life-stage, etc.. It is not simple, but I just wanted to try to collect some insights. This is the reason why I tried to reach out to an heterogeneus audience to answer some questions, in order to map out actors, influencers, and game rules.

I started doing a bit of desk research, asking some questions to friends and colleagues from different business fields and countries.

I’ve just completed my 1st research round to investigate the main players of this game and their role/impact on the process to reach a better balance between work and private life.

It seems that company policies and our capability to set clear rules are the key factors at this stage of the research.

More in detail, these are the first insights I’ve got so far:

  • Working less but better is the overall rule
  • Company policies are an essential ingredient to make it happen
  • Rely on your work mates and delegate
  • More discipline in setting some clear rules to adopt and ensure that they are visible to your co-workers.
Working less but better — draft 1 model

As far as you can read from this visual representation, it seems that companies and your ability to set rules and organise your environment are the most influential factors.

Almost 50% of the job is to select the right company.

So company policy could support a good balance between private and work life. Selecting a company that allows you to work remotely and adopts a clear policy to respect your time, is a good starting point to set the right conditions that lead you to reach this goal. For instance: respecting your time out of the office (i.e. switches off all company phones during the weekend and after work). Moreover it would be great to find a company that is capable to create events/activities to involve family and friends. It might support you in increasing the time spent with your beloved as well as increasing its quality.

From the other side more than 50% of the job is about your capability to organise your work

delegate to your workmates and to set clear rules with family and co-workers, and making it visible to everybodyIt implies your capability to create a collaborative environment between you and your colleagues. It is a matter of creating delegation models, trust and virtuous exchange circles, that allow every participant to have a positive value exchange as member of this circle.

Is this a final answer?

No, it isn’t, but it’s a starting point that provides me a clear understanding of the scenarios, and gives me some actionable insights to better manage my work- private life balance.

This 1st result has been reached thanks to the collaboration of many people that accepted to share with me their POVs: Giulia Logo Di Gregorio , Mark Coleran , Matteo Balocco , Bianca Barone , Daniele Sartori, Gianvito Fanelli , @Bertart32 ‏ , @andreagrandi .

It would be really appreciated to receive any further contribution (i.e. POV, comments, thoughts, etc.).