Elemental Story Chp 31: Baltasar’s overcharge weapon and stealth tactics

Antonio D. Anaya (DarkTortuga)

Sneaky sneak!

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Chapter 31: Baltasar’s overcharge weapon and stealth tactics

Baltasar stood fifty yards from a metal target, he fired four times. The metal rung out once. He lowered his rifle and moved to the target. He rubbed the hole and smiled, the hole slightly larger than his bullets, “There we go.”

Isis appeared off to his side, “Have you tried with charging opponents?”

He turned towards her, “Hey Izzy. No I haven’t. Well more along the lines, I have not had the opportunity to do so.” He began to move back to his original spot.

Isis followed, “Have you learned about your weapon’s overcharge?”

He raised his rifle and it transformed into a Minigun with three barrels. He shifted his shoulders as a pack formed on it. He turned towards the target and aimed the Minigun at it, “I haven’t.”

Isis moved next to his side, “Alright, Seph you ready?”

Persephone’s voice came over the radio, “Yep, Bal get ready.” Her voice was heard talking to another person.

Baltasar widened his stance and his Minigun transformed into a six barrel Minigun, under his voice he quietly stated, “What are you girls planning.”

Isis disappeared and a roar was heard. Fuego appeared and charged forward sword at the ready. Baltasar’s Minigun spun up and fired at the golem, his bullets ripped the golem apart. Fuego appeared off to the right and left of Baltasar, they readied their sword and charged at Baltasar again. Baltasar spun up and destroyed the two golems. Four golems appeared and charged Baltasar, he began to move backwards slowly and swept his Minigun destroying the golems. Eight golems appeared to his left and eight on his right. He shifted his hands and grabbed the top handle, he grunted slightly and split the Minigun into two three barrel Miniguns. He swung his Miniguns to his sides and fired, a golem nearly reached him. Isis radioed in, “Big rush incoming!” Massive groups of the golems formed, they roared and charged Baltasar. Baltasar quietly cursed under his breath, sweeping his Miniguns began to destroy the golems. Slowly the golems began to gain ground. Baltasar grunted and Fuego reached out and touched his chest. The golems disappeared and Isis appeared next to him, “And now, you are dead.”

Baltasar transformed his Miniguns back into a rifle and lowered it, “Damn. So, Overcharge huh?”

Isis giggled, “Smart.” She looked towards the metal target, “Come on Seph. Your turn.”

Persephone appeared next to Isis, “Alright so fusion.” She held out her hand and out stretched her fingers, Baltasar knelt down and interlaced his fingers with hers. Tendrils bloomed around their hands and began to grow towards their shoulders, Persephone looked at Baltasar who looked at the growing tendrils, “Focus. Try to harmonize with my power.” The tendrils wrapped around the two and pulsed before exploding outward.

Baltasar appeared, he had a bigger hunch from the shell that now covered his back, the left side of his face had a leather scaly appearance, his hair had hardened to the form of quills, he looked at his left hand the top of his knuckles now had white bones as protection, “So now I’m stronger?”

Persephone’s voice echoed around him, “Yes. We have achieved Perfect Fusion. Not surprised since it’s you.”

Baltasar chuckled, “I’ll take that as a complement.” He raised his hands and looked at the boney protection, “This is awesome. So now I’m stronger?”

Isis tapped Baltasar’s right hand, “Now focus on your Minigun. Focus your energy on making it stronger.”

Baltasar lifted his rifle and it transformed back into a six barrel Minigun. He closed his eyes and focused on his weapon, the symbol for Dark appeared over the weapon. The barrels spun lightly and two more barrels formed, the assembly grew slightly.

Isis stepped back slightly and bounced, “Now to test it.” She hopped and disappeared in a flash of light.

Baltasar fixed his stance and readied himself, under his voice he stated, “Let’s see what this can do.”

Another roar was heard and large amounts of the Fire golems appeared. He spun up his Minigun and began to fire. The Minigun fired from two barrels simultaneously, Baltasar was pushed back slightly from the force, he grinned and dug his feet into the ground.

Five minutes passed and the golems made no progress. Isis came over the radio, “Alright, exercise terminated.” The golems charred and withered away into the wind. Baltasar stood tall and rested his rifle’s barrel on his shoulder. Isis appeared next to him and Persephone’s voice echoed out, “Okay. Now we can Fission.”

Baltasar knelt down and extended his arm, “So just focus right?” He closed his eyes and tendrils wrapped themselves around his body, they pulsed again and exploded outward. Baltasar and Persephone appeared their hand interlaced again. Baltasar stood, “Wow, that was fun.”

Persephone stretched as tall as she could and grunted slightly, “So, as you are aware now, whenever you fuse with someone.”

Baltasar pointed at his own head, “Memories are shared.”

Persephone held her hands behind her back, “Yep. That beings said, wow Bal. Just wow.”

Baltasar lowered his hand and chuckled, “Please don’t tell anyone. My burdens are my own.”

Persephone shrugged, “So be it. Izzy knows because we are one, but seriously Bal. Even Elly told you about her problems.”

Baltasar shook his head, “It’s okay Seph. My question, if what you gave me is true, where is the fatigue. I thought I was supposed to be tired from this.”

Persephone dropped her hands and let them swing, “I took the hit. The amount of excess energy I have is more than enough to pay for this exercise.”

Baltasar lowered his rifle and it deconstructed into a handle, he clipped it to his belt. Isis rocked on her heels, “So an eight-barrel double firing Minigun. Pretty cool. Good for crowd control.”

Baltasar bowed his head at the twins, “Thank you girls.” The twins smiled at him as they walked away.

Megumi stood with Kame over a table in the library. Kame looked at the notes Megumi wrote, “So this building is a meeting point?”

Megumi nodded and placed a paper that held the building’s schematics next to her notes, “I don’t know when they will meet, but this is where all of their trials intersect. So something happens in this building. A lot of the times.”

Kame picked up the building schematic, “Silent stealth is needed then.”

Megumi let a large smiled cover her face and she quietly clapped, “Yes! Elly and Yumi!” She moved towards the door, “I’ll get them.”

Kame looked at Megumi as she exited and smiled, Isis appeared next to him and punched his shoulder lightly, “Hey, why did Meg get so happy?”

He rubbed his arm, “Ow. Hey Izzy, we’re sending in Yumi and Elly.”

Isis sat down at the table and looked at the notes, “Oooh. Yea, that’s gonna be fun.”

Megumi entered with Ayumi and Aello. They stood at the table and Megumi slid the building schematics towards Aello, “It’s going to be a stealth mission. The South side of the Fourth floor.” She pointed at the room, “They have meetings there and the unknown. They show up there. We need to see if we can find more out the two and their plans.”

Aello’s eyes shined slightly, “Stealth, my favorite.”

Ayumi looked at Aello, “Meet outside then?”

Aello nodded, “Yes. I have to switch barrels.”

Isis stood, “Alright, if this city belongs to the unknown then I’ll have to teleport you two pretty far from this city.”

Aello unzipped her hoodie and began to take it off, “Cycles.”

Isis hopped slightly, “Oh yep. I’ll get those out for you.”

They exited the library and entered their respective rooms. Ayumi changed, she wore her long sleeve jumpsuit and removed a part of her holster on her thighs leaving just the straps in place. She wrapped her waist and tapped the metal ring that held her rapier. The ring shimmered before deconstructing. She hovered her pistols in placed of where her holsters were and they shimmered as well before deconstructing. She quietly spoke to herself, “Let’s hope I don’t need them too quickly.”

Aello grabbed her four-foot barrel that was hanging on her wall. She placed her sniper on her workbench and removed the barrel. She placed the two-foot barrel in placed of where the four-foot barrel hung. She equipped the barrel onto her sniper and tapped the side of the gun. A grey light began to shine from under the action and the symbol for Wind appeared on the left side of the action, the barrel twisted and a low click was heard. She pulled open a drawer under the work bench and looked at the hand loaded bullets. She unholstered her ninjato and placed it on the workbench. She took off its holster from her left thigh and placed it on the workbench. She pulled out a pouch from the drawer and unzipped it. It held a metal bullet holder that had leather sleeves for each individual bullet. She grabbed two blue tipped, two orange tipped, two brown tipped and six grey tipped bullets and slipped them into the sleeves, the six grey bullets on the top row and the others on the bottom row blue, brown, orange from left to right. She clipped it into place of where her ninjato was. She unholstered her pistol and removed the pistol magazine, she racked the slide back forcefully and the bullet popped out. She caught the bullet and stood it on the work bench. She grabbed a new magazine from the drawer and looked at the grey tipped bullets. She loaded the new magazine in and hit the slide release. She holstered her pistol and it deconstructed from view. She grabbed her sniper and slung it over her back. She equipped her scarf and headed out.

She met up with Ayumi in the hall and they exited the house. Isis stood outside with her scythe on her shoulder, she twisted and spun in place as she waited. She stopped and waved at the duo as they neared, “Hey you two.” They stood next to their motorcycles. Isis moved in between the two as they stood next to their bikes, “Hold on. Seph has a better ear piece.”

Persephone lightly jogged from inside to them, she held a small cloth pouch. She greeted the two and handed the pouch to Ayumi, “It’s can’t act as a rebreather, it is only an earpiece.”

Ayumi opened the pouch and pulled out a small earpiece similar in shape to a hearing aid. She swiped the side of her jaw and her rebreather formed. She took it off and handed it to Persephone, “Good. The rebreather gets in the way sometimes. The deconstruct also acts funny in tight places.”

Persephone accepted the rebreather and clipped it to her hip, “Yea, it’s the guts of the rebreather, Kame has trouble with the wiring and some other stuff.”

Ayumi equipped the new ear piece, she tapped it and quietly spoke, “Test. One, two.”

Aello replied over the radio, “Sounds good to me. You are clear on my end.”

Ayumi equipped her googles and tapped her lips, “Guess I need the rebreather for the ride down.”

Persephone look at Ayumi’s rebreather on her hip, “Oh yea.” She unclipped it and handed it back to Ayumi, “Wind hurts still.”

Ayumi took the earpiece out and placed it in its bag. She accepted the rebreather and reequipped it. She sat on her motorcycle and looked at Aello. Aello took her sniper off and slid it into a compartment inside her motorcycle that ran along its length, she sat down and looked at Isis.

Persephone scooted back and waved, “Good luck.”

Isis raised her scythe, “I’ll drop you off a few hours away. The pack on your cycle has a Refresher orb. Use it to tackle the stealth mission if you need it.” Both nodded, Isis tapped the ground and the trio disappeared in a flash of light.

They reappeared in between trees next to a road. Isis sheathed her knife and looked down the road, “Good luck.”

Aello and Ayumi began to push their motorcycles onto the road. Isis waved and disappeared in a flash of light. They drove for six hours and entered the city. They pulled into a motel, Ayumi got off her motorcycle and stretched her back, “Alright, I’ll get it then.” Aello arched her back and it popped quietly, she sighed and laid on her bike using her left foot to hold herself up. Ayumi entered and greeted the female teenager at the front desk, “Good afternoon miss. I need a double twin, If you can.”

The teenager nodded and typed into the computer, “Room 285, it’s gonna be thirty-five. That okay?” Ayumi nodded and took out a leather wallet from a pocket. She paid and accepted the key cards. She exited the lobby and patted the sleeping Aello’s back, “Hey sleepy.” She pointed towards the room, “Got the room.” Aello yawned and got off her bike. They pushed their bikes into a parking spot and grabbed their packs off their bikes. Aello grabbed her sniper, holding the strap letting the sniper hang as she walked. Ayumi smiled as she watched Aello and stepped up to their room, “For an expert assassin you get tired easily.”

Aello yawned again, “Not sleepy. I get like this whenever I travel. Never liked it, I would rather fly.” They entered the room and Ayumi placed her pack on the bed furthest from the window. She opened her pack and took out some casual clothes, “I’m showering first.”

Aello placed her sniper on her bed and her pack on the table next to the window. She opened it and took out a thin zip-up hoodie and jeans. She sat down on the chair next to the table and looked outside.

Ayumi exited the bathroom and called out to Aello, snapping her out of her day dream, “Hey, showers open.”

Aello yawed again and grabbed her change of clothes, as she passed by Ayumi she spoke, “Stop being naked Yumi.”

Ayumi chuckled as Aello closed the door, “There is a taco shack across the street, want a meal from there?”

Aello yelled through the door as the shower began to run, “Yea! Sounds good.”

Ayumi put on a shirt one size larger than her size, a habit picked up from the twins, soft cotton knee length shorts, and after searching her pack slip on sandals. She exited the room to the taco shack.

Aello exited the bathroom in her change of clothes, she held the two pieces of her jumpsuit and hung them over a chair back. She moved her sniper underneath her bed, laid down and turned on the tv. She began to channel surf and day dream.

The door opening snapped her out of her day dream, out of instinct, she smoothly drew her pistol and aimed at the door. Ayumi looked in saw the pistol and leaned back out of the door her foot held the door open, “Elly! Come on!”

Aello lowered the pistol, “Sorry! Sorry! Habit!”

Ayumi looked in at Aello as she stood and entered, “Crazy girl. Why are you trying to kill me?”

Aello accepted the food from Ayumi and sat at the table, “It’s an old habit from my contracts.

Ayumi placed her food across from Aello, “Every time with you, how does Bal stand it.”

Aello opened the togo container that held four tacos, a small plastic container of salsa and a small paper bag of chips, “I honestly don’t know. After the second time that it happened he just comes in, guess he trusts that I won’t shoot him.” She looked at her food then sighed.

Ayumi looked at her and stood to her side, “Ah, come on Elly. It was a playful joke.” She hugged her head, “I was just poking fun.”

Aello patted Ayumi’s forearm, “Yea, that was my fault. Remember I am now just realizing how much of a burden I have been on him.”

Ayumi sat down and bit into a taco, she gave a small happy murmur then shook her head, “Mhm ugh.” She swallowed, “Nope. If you were actually a burden to him he would not have helped you. He has his reasons for counseling for the past… Is it five or six?” She shrugged, “He has his reasons for doing it Elly. Trust me about that one.”

Aello poured a small amount of salsa on the taco and bit, she smiled at Ayumi, “It’s good.”

Ayumi nodded, “Yup. Enjoy it, we have a few hours till sundown.”

The captain entered a building, he continued to limp as he approached the front desk that had a security guard and secretary sitting behind it. The security guard saluted him, “Sir. Your meeting is not scheduled till later this evening.”

The Captain panted lightly out of exertion, “When you have limited mobility. You plan far ahead. It is not smart to keep Kaiho or Nousagi waiting. My former captain is proof of that.”

The security guard questioned, “Former captain sir?”

The Captain grabbed an unopened bottle of water from the desk and drank deeply. He coughed and stood tall, “Yes. He tried to order the two around. Now, I am the Alpha Hunter’s Captain.” He continued past the desk further into the building. He entered the back most room and sat down. He pulled out his smart phone and read a message by N.S. “20:30 at the meeting room. Details on weapons manufactured by the scientist. Details on Ferals to replace those used as bait. Details on creating another Artificial Blood Master and Feral Master.” He set his water bottle on the table and reclined. He looked at his phone’s clock, 17:48. He sighed and closed his eyes.

Aello sat on her bike, her right leg kept her up. Ayumi got off her bike and leaned against it with her butt. They looked towards their target, two miles away, they stood on a hill just outside of the cities limits. The hills rose around them sharply, a spot picked by Aello, a perfect place for her to be the scout and over watch. Ayumi looked at the tree Aello parked next to, “The meeting is in an hour. Can’t believe we got that lucky. I’ll head down and get into position.”

Aello got off her cycle and began to take her sniper out, “Just be careful. Okay Yumi.”

Ayumi got on her cycle, “Me be careful, you are the one ready to take down an army.” She pointed at Aello’s left thigh.

Aello looked down at the bullet holder, “Come on, not a whole army. Maybe, two thirds?”

Ayumi smiled as she placed her new earpiece in, “There we go. Elly can joke around now.” Aello looked at her and smiled, “Remember, this is just for information. Hopefully we, well you can get good I.D. on these main bosses. It’ll making tracing and tracking them easier.”

Aello sat her sniper down barrel pointing towards the city,” Go. Remember, quiet as a mouse.” She laid down behind her rifle, her left leg stayed straight and she bent her right leg. She adjusted the scope and looked down it. She tracked Ayumi’s small dirt cloud as it entered the city. She shifted and looked at their target, the building that held the unknown’s Elemental Signature.

Nousagi approached the front desk, her hood bobbed with her steps, black smoke followed her footfalls and lazily floated for a bit before disappearing. The security guard looked up from the camera monitors, “Hello ma’am.”

She waved at him, “The Captain is here, correct?”

The security guard replied, “Yes Ma’am. He is in the meeting room.”

Nousagi moved from the desk into the meeting room. She entered to the Captain talking on his phone, “How many were killed?” A slight pause as the caller replied, “Okay. Shuffle the forces around. Loosen up how many guards are around the weapons. Only secure the hallways and exits. Give the scientists their space.” Nousagi sat across from the Captain. The caller replied, “Okay. Uh huh. Good. Bye.” He hung up and placed his phone inside his breast pocket, “Madam Nousagi, the weapons. They do not play nice with my men. Given any chance they lash out and attack my troopers that are positioned to guard the scientist.”

Nousagi laughed lightly, “We have enslaved their power. We are forcing them to kill the innocent. They are trying to escape.”

The Captain pushed himself up and shifted in his chair, “You speak as if these weapons have a conscious.”

Nousagi brought her hand up to her face, “They do.”

The Captain furrowed his brow, “How? They are just Elementally charged weapons.”

Nousagi lowered her hand, “The Elemental being known as Tortuga. He infused parts of his consciousness into the weapons. Past lives, people important to him. These weapons are more than just metal Captain. They have emotion. They scream, they cry but most importantly, they hunger.”


Nousagi’s hood bobbed as she nodded, “They may disagree with the source but they do require energy. Currently they have been engourged with Elemental Energy. They are full. Something Tortuga has never done before.”

The door opened and the head scientist entered, “Captain, Madam Nousagi.” The two greeted the scientist as he sat down, the scientist looked around, “Where is Kaiho? Unusual for him to not be at your side, or you at his.”

She replied, “He is almost here. He was patrolling the city. A signature caught his nose, he went to see where it ended.” The door opened forcefully and Kaiho entered. Nousagi looked at him, “Speaking of which, Kaiho.”

He moved next to her and sat down, “Nousagi, the trail went cold.”

Nousagi looked at the Captain, “How many weapons have been produced?”

The Captain took his phone out. The Scientist answered, “One hundred as of this morning. The process is slowing down.”

Kaiho shifted in his chair and gave a low growl, “The weapons need more energy. We will replace the weapons with others.” The Scientist took his phone out and began typing, Kaiho continued, “As for the Ferals that you lost. We have a few more to replace them. They will arrive at your compound by the time you arrive.”

The Captain nodded, “The barracks are now lined with the material to cloak the Ferals. Once they check-in we will escort them with the others.”

Nousagi, “As for Johnathan. Since Baltasar killed that one, we have several candidates for the transformation. Look through their files see who fits the profile best.” The Scientist’s phone vibrated, he looked at his phone as it received eighteen emails. Nousagi continued, “Tell us when you have determined the best candidate for the transformation.”

Kaiho stood, the other three looked at him as he moved next to a wall. Nousagi quietly asked, “Kaiho?”

He raised his hand signaling her to stay quiet. He unsheathed his sword and stabbed the A/C shaft. He twisted the blade and pulled it out. He examined the tip then sheathed his sword. He gave another low growl, “That scent. It appeared again.”

Ayumi shifted on her hip to allow the hole in the shaft from becoming covered. Aello’s voice came over the earpiece, “You Okay? Hit?” Ayumi pressed a button on the side of her right index finger with her thumb. It keyed the mic. Aello continued, “Okay, did he find you?” Ayumi keyed once, “Alright.”

Kaiho sat back down, “Once you have the best subject tell us. Remember the process takes seventy-two hours for the entire process to complete.”

The scientist nodded as he read one of the candidate’s profile, “Where did you find these people. Eleven Humans, three Fire Elementals, four Wind Elementals, even a Tolba. Why so many?”

Nousagi replied, “They came to us. Johnathan showed how much stronger he is. How weak regular Elementals actually are. They want his power, his bragging rights.”

Kaiho stood, “Consider this business completed.”

Nousagi stood and both exited, the Captain stood and bowed his head at the Scientist, “Until next time then.”

The Scientist stood and exited, continuing to look at his phone. Ayumi keyed three times, Aello replied, “Alright, got you.” She shifted her sniper and opened the bolt, she looked down the scope and zoomed to the buildings entrance. The duo exited and Aello smirked, “Gotcha.” The scope blacked out for a second before refocusing on the entrance. The Captain limped out and headed to the west, “Another.” The Scientist exited on the phone and entered a van parked in front of the building. Aello smiled, “They cleared out Yumi. See you at the motel.” Aello closed her sniper’s bolt and popped up to her feet. She grabbed her sniper’s strap and picked it up. She moved to her motorcycle and placed it in its place. She got on and drove to the motel. She opened the door and placed her sniper on the bed. She took off the scope and took a thin wire from her pack. She plugged the wire into the side of the scope and into the side of her goggles. With her left hand she began to rub and tap the side of her goggles. She scrolled through the scopes options and found the pictures. She looked through the photos, “And now we know what you look like.” She stopped on the scientist’s photo, “What’s so important?”

The door opened and she cleared her holster aiming at the door, she quickly lowered her pistol. Ayumi peaked in with just her head, “Aello. You gonna kill me?”

Aello holstered and gave a sarcastic laugh, “Ha Ha, Yumi.”

Ayumi entered and sat at the edge of her bed, “So did you get them?” Aello nodded and took her goggles off, she handed them to Ayumi and held onto the scope. Ayumi equipped them and scrolled through the photos, “Good. These are really good. Hope they will help Kame and Meg.” She handed the goggles back to Aello.

Aello unplugged the wire and began to place the scope back onto the sniper, “How did he almost find you?”

Ayumi laid on her stomach and shifted onto her right hip looking at Aello, “Not sure, my Elemental Energy was hidden.” She poked where the sword stabbed through the vent, “He was close though. Maybe he is like Sokenzen, instinctual based movement.”

Aello placed the wire back into her pack and clipped her goggles to her hip, she placed a hand on Ayumi’s hip, “How did he miss?”

Ayumi rolled onto her back and Aello sat in front of her on the edge, Ayumi responded, “I have no idea. If I didn’t naturally sit on a hip while prone, then he would have hit. Glad I have that habit still.” Aello laid back onto Ayumi’s stomach, Ayumi grunted, “Ohf, Elly, you’re heavy.”

Aello smiled, she lightly slapped Ayumi’s thigh with the back of her hand, “We have a few hours to burn. What do you want to do Yumi?” She looked to her right at Ayumi, who slept quietly. Aello smiled as she heard Ayumi’s quiet breathing, “Yea. I’m with you there.” She sighed and laid in her bed.

They slept for four hours, Aello shifted slightly in bed. She felt someone hugging her from her side, she looked to see Ayumi’s sleeping face. She sighed and tried to get up, “Yumi. What are you doing?”

Ayumi squeezed and pulled her closer, “Mmm, no I was sleeping good.”

Aello sighed and managed to get her arm under Ayumi and behind her, “Come on Yumi. We have to get back.” She grunted slightly as Ayumi shifted and laid onto of her, she squeezed again, “No. We’re fine here.”

Aello slapped Ayumi’s thigh, “Come on Yumi.”

Ayumi smiled, “Fine. Grumpy.” She rose, stood and stretched, “You are a very comfortable companion to sleep with by the way.” She grabbed her pack and entered the bathroom.

Aello sat at the edge of the bed with a slight blush. She thought to herself as she looked at the bathroom door, “Everythime with her. She always tries to get me to blush.” Aello shook her head and stood. She grabbed her sniper and placed it on her bed. She grabbed her pack and sat on the chair next to the table. She grabbed the T.V. remote and began to channel surf. Ayumi exited, dressed in her jumpsuit, “Almost forgot we are on the Cycles.”

Aello looked at her and smiled, “What? Almost changed into your robe?” She stood and moved to the bathroom with her pack in hand. Ayumi nodded as she zipped up her pack. Aello entered the bathroom and as she closed the door said, “Rebreather.”

Ayumi looked at Aello as she closed the door, “Oh yea! Thanks Elly.”

Aello changed and cleaned up, she exited the bathroom and moved next to the table. Ayumi looked at Aello’s bullet holder and sat down on the edge of the bed, “So what are the size of your bullets? I want to say .50 caliber but…”

Aello looked at the bullets, “But they look smaller right?” Ayumi nodded, Aello continued, “An associate of mine.” She paused thinking of his name, “Chey, I believe is what they called him. He is the one that created a rifle based off of my sniper’s design. Then he looked at my bullets and how they look and work and he created the .408 caliber bullet. My bullets are slightly smaller than those, however because of my rifle they are far more effective and have a longer effective range.”

Ayumi, “Cause of your Air Elemental Heritage then.”

Aello nodded, Ayumi smiled, “That is so cool.”

They drove for six hours back to Isis’ symbol.

They slowed to a stop as they reached the symbol. Ayumi quietly commented as she got off her motorcycle, “Alright, home sweet home.” She began to move towards Isis’ symbol.

Aello radioed to her, “Hold on, we are being watched.”

Ayumi stopped moving, “Which direction?”

“Ten o’ clock, up in the trees.”

“Grab them. I’ll help you pin them.”

Aello rocked slightly and disappeared, she landed in the trees that she pointed out, “It’s not here.” She stood on a tree limb and scanned the area with her goggles, “Nothing. Yumi get Izzy. Maybe she can explain.”

Ayumi knelt down next to the symbol and touched the symbol with a palm, she appeared in a flash of light. Isis waved at Ayumi, “Hey Yumi, you two ready?” She looked around, “Where is Elly? Now that I look at you.”

Ayumi pointed with her left hand, “Something was looking at us. We think you can figure it out.”

Isis turned towards where Ayumi pointed. Her goggles turned on and Aello’s outline showed in dark grey. She walked to the base of the tree and looked up, “Hey Elly. Did you happen to get what type of Elemental Energy it was?”

Aello dropped down next to Isis, “No. I just felt that something was watching Ayumi. When I went to grab it, it disappeared.”

Isis looked up at the tree branch, “It’s Wind Elemental.”

Ayumi pointed at Aello, “Isn’t that Aello’s Signature?” Her goggles were now active and she moved next to Isis.

Isis shook her head and pointed up, “The big signature is her’s but underneath her’s.” She wiggled her finger, “Mixed in is another. It’s very faint. So what you saw was another Wind Elemental. Probably Feral from the looks of it.” She looked at Aello, “There is no way to track it. Most likely saw you as a target.” She pointed at Ayumi, “Then it saw you.” She pointed at Aello, “Two v one, not the best odds.” She took out her scythe, “Anyways. Kame and Meg are waiting, that Feral won’t bother us. Can’t teleport like I can.”

Aello nodded and moved next to her, Ayumi followed suit. Isis tapped the ground and they disappeared in a flash of light.

They reappeared outside of Kame’s house. Isis sheathed her knife and motioned for them to follow, “Come on, let’s see what you two managed to find out.”

The trio entered the library, Kame stood studying the hanging world map and Megumi stood in front of a bookshelf replacing books in their spaces. Isis walked up to the Kame and announced, “Hey Kame, Meg. Yumi and Elly are back.”

Megumi looked from the bookshelf and placed the remaining books on a cart. She moved next to a table and sat down, “What did you two find?”

Ayumi sat down next to Megumi, “They are using Kame’s weapons to create the Elementally charged weapons.”

Kame placed his hands on the table and leaned onto them, “Explains all the damage Bal received.”

Aello continued, “They plan on making another Artificial Blood Master. They seem to have several candidates. The Scientist was very interested in those files.”

Megumi took out loose sheets of paper, “That’s not good.” She began to write.

Aello commented, “Johnathan.”

Kame looked at her, “Who is that?”

Aello shrugged, “I think that was who Bal fought and killed. They made it seemed like he was just an object. They showed no emotion towards him.”

Ayumi raised a hand, chest level, “No, the Scientist. I could feel that he cared a great deal about Johnathan. He didn’t say it but this Johnathan’s passing causing him a great deal of grief.”

Aello, “Well all the others never cared. Also, more Ferals are being hidden. They have a material that can cloak Elemental Energy.”

Kame raised a brow, “Really? Did they say where?”

Aello shook her head, “No. They just gave that information to the Captain. Oh, right. Here.” She took off her goggles and handed them to Kame. He accepted them and held them up to his eyes. The pictures of the four came up, Aello continued, “From right to left, Kaiho, Nousagi, the Scientist, and the Captain. The two unknowns have different names, the smaller shorter one is female goes by Nousagi. The bigger one is Kaiho.”

Ayumi tapped her hip, “Almost found my hiding spot, had he stabbed a little lower he would have found me.”

Megumi stopped writing, “Wow. How did he sense you?”

Ayumi, “I think he is similar to Sokenzen, goes off instinct, said he felt my power. Seems he was following me when I entered the city and lost my trail when I went stealth.”

Megumi continued to write, “At least you’re okay. These now not unknowns are really strong.”

Kame sat down, “Well at least you are okay. Now that we have their faces, well body types more so and their voice. Tracking and tracing will be easier. Hopefully, we can find their base of operations.” He lowered the goggles and presented them to Megumi.

Megumi grabbed the pair and looked at the photos, “Huh. Not exactly incognito, hope the two know they stick out like sore thumbs.” She placed the goggles in front of Aello. Aello grabbed the pair and clipped them to her side.

Kame stood, “You two rest, the drive must have been terrible. Rest, we can handle the next stuff.”

Both nodded and stood, Ayumi stretched as tall as she could and sighed, “Really need the bath now. See you later.” Aello unzipped her jumpsuit and headed out.

Megumi reclined and crossed her legs, “So.”

Kame looked at her, “So, what?”

Megumi motioned at the door with a hand, “How come you didn’t tell them that this “Captain” being is the man that interrogated you.”

Kame smiled and looked down, “If you had the power to track someone. Effectively, mind you. Had the ability to take out said individual and teleport to and from whatever location you chose. Wouldn’t you attempt to take them out the moment you found out their identities?”

Megumi thought for a moment, “Well yea. Especially since they hurt me.”

Kame sat down across from her, “That line of thinking will get the puppet, but not the master. We need to take out Kaiho and Nousagi. Then we can worry about the others. So…” he placed a slight emphasis on his so and leaned towards her, “It’s not that I won’t tell them.”

Megumi finished his thought, “You can’t.” Kame nodded. Megumi sighed, “So difficult with you three.”

Kame smiled, “Yep. If it was easy then anyone could do it.” Kame looked at the world map, “Seph.” Megumi looked around the room, “How long are you going to hide?”

Persephone appeared from behind a bookshelf, “Why must you keep it a secret? The four trust your judgement. Some more than their own.”

Kame looked at her, “Yes, that’s true. However, I don’t doubt if they come in contact with this being that they will, out of… not sure how to phrase it but, they will kill him. I can’t have that. Not yet anyways.”

Persephone moved behind Megumi then hugged her neck from behind, “Look at him meg. So commanding, so forceful.”

Megumi smiled as she looked at him, Kame shifted in his chair and sarcastically laughed at Persephone’s comment, “Haha Seph. Crazy girl.”

She disappeared in a cloud of black smoke then reappeared hugging Kame’s neck, her eyes closed, “Only cause you make me.”

Nousagi and Kaiho entered a large room, the stairs lowered to the sunken floor. The floor itself was covered with a layer of sand. Nousagi grabbed a pole and began to draw the Elemental symbol for Wind, “We are close brother. We will have the Alphas back soon.”

Kaiho sat on the stairs and growled, thick black smoke poured out of his hood, “We will have the energy soon. With them revived we will take the throne.”

Kame’s voice filled the room, “The Alphas are your end game then.” He stepped forward and appeared in the middle of the room. He wore his older helmet, it covered his face and the eyes were rectangular rhombuses that had a yellow glow to them, his rebreather was the same only now it gave a quiet audible whine. He wore his trench coat and his hands were wrapped in hand wraps.

Kaiho stood and growled, Nousagi threw the pole and unsheathed her one-handed sword. Kaiho moved in front of Nousagi and growled again, “Worry not sister. This is just a shade. Kame is not foolish enough to come here.” He waved his hand left to right at Kame’s shoulders, his hand stood when he touched Kame. Kaiho moved back, shock filled his voice “Or he may be.” Kaiho unsheathed his two-handed long sword and readied himself.

Kame chuckled, “If I was here for a fight you would have been killed before I made myself known. I am here to ask a simple question.” He knelt down and touched the sand with a finger, a chair rose from the ground and he sat down.

Nousagi gave a small growl, “What is it then? Why are you here?”

Kame looked at her, “You know I had to change my goggles design? The innocent thought I was a hunter. Someone coming for them. That’s why I change the goggles to circle shapes, fixed them to where they do not glow anymore. The children were no longer scared. They came up to us and greeted us. Asking who we were.”

Nousagi, “You came to ask about goggles design? Do not play games Kame, your aura says different!”

Kame continued ignoring Nousagi, “The rebreathers were the next thing to change, the whine that came from them scared others if they did not see us first. I almost gave a small elderly lady a heart attack.”

Kaiho growled, “Kame what is your purpose here?”

Kame tapped the side of his head, “Then I had to learn how to hide my Elemental Energy. Make it to where other Elementals would not cower when they felt my presence. Something that took the longest, and could only be achieved with the twins.”

Nousagi moved to Kame side, sword still at the ready, “If you came here just to reminisce then leave. We do not want to hear you.”

Kame chuckled and slapped his thighs he rocked forward and slowly stood, “True. We are enemies after all. To get the Captain to interrogate me for two months. Only to leave each session frustrated and full of fear that you would kill him. My question to you, Kaiho Nousagi.” They shifted in realization that he knew their identities, “Do you truly think you can kill me with those prototypes?” Kame’s aura shifted to one of seriousness. They grunted as they felt a heavy and thick aura slowly filled the room, Kame looked at Kaiho, “Do you honestly think that you can even touch me?” They looked behind Kame as a massive shadowed colossus rose from the ground. It looked at the two before disappearing.

The two stayed quiet. Kame sat back down and sighed, “Well. Now I am the one waiting.”

Nousagi spoke quietly, “We have footage, pictures. We will turn the world against you.”

Kame gave a loud sarcastic laugh, he leaned forward and shook his head, “Do you think the world was on my side in the beginning? I have a team made up of a hermit, a former queen, an assassin, and a cold blooded murderer. Do you think the world council agreed to this?”

Kaiho growled, “Then why continue your uphill battle?”

Kame reclined and let his arms hand loosely to his side, “Because, the world will fall to entropy with the Ferals in play. Something I cannot allow.” Kame stood and tapped the chair, it turned to sand and fell to the ground, “It’s nice to know the faces of my enemies. Let’s have fun next time, okay.” He turned his back and as he stepped forward he disappeared.