Elemental Story Chp 32: Baltasar and his creature also also Ancient weapons information

Antonio D. Anaya (DarkTortuga)

Remember the blob in the char/index i didnt forget. Also a talk with a another leader.

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Chapter 32: Baltasar and his creature also also Ancient weapons information

Baltasar sat on a bench in the Forge. He looked into the fire lost in thought, “My blood mastery is with a forge. Reinforcement. I can strengthen metals with my blood. Hmm.”

He twisted on his waist, grabbed an ingot of steel and held it in his hand, “So what would happen if I used more than just a drop?” He slightly bent the ingot with his hands.

He stood and grabbed the entire supply of Osmium. He pulled a chain and dumped it all into the forge, “Ten kilos. Let’s do something really dangerous.” He took out his short sword and pulled up a chair next to the forge. He shifted the as it began to liquefy. He sat down and raised his sword, he exhaled slowly. He swung and cleanly cut his left leg off at the upper thigh. He grunted and tossed the leg into the fire. He switched hands and swung, cleanly cutting his left leg off near the same spot as his right. He exhaled slightly and tossed the leg into the fires. He switched hands again and extended his left arm. He swung and cut his arm off in the middle of his bicep. He tossed his sword to the side and threw his arm into the forge. He shifted the limbs and they slowly burned and sunk into the pool of liquid metal. He wiped his brow with a shaking bicep and reclined in his chair. He exhaled slowly and heard sand slowly fall under him.

He extended his arm and focused, the Osmium began to float and poured onto the floor. Baltasar looked at it and sighed, “Hope this isn’t a waste.”

The pool rippled and pulled its self into the shape of a blob. It gave a metallic chirped towards Baltasar.

Baltasar smiled, “Alright, no power wasted.” The creature chirped again and moved next to Baltasar, he extended his hand and the creature rose to touch his shaking fingers, “Hey little buddy.” The creature rose and touched his chest and disappeared.

Persephone cracked the door and before fully entering she asked, “Hey Bal you here?” Persephone saw him on the chair and rushed to his side, “Bal! What happened? Are you okay?!”

Baltasar nodded, “Just really tired. I need to rest.”

Persephone shook her head, “Rest! You need to be healed!” Persephone placed her hands around an arm stump. She squeezed and dark tendrils covered the wound and tightened. Baltasar grunted in pain. Persephone followed suit with both thighs. She stood, “Okay, that should stop the bleeding.”

Baltasar shifted his leg stump, “I was bleeding?”

Persephone nodded, “Your blood is all over the floor.” He shifted and looked at the blood that pooled on the floor. He reclined in the chair, “Oh, that’s why I’m sleepy.”

Persephone patted his shoulder, “Should I get Ayumi for her pool?”

He shook his head, “place me in sand, the sandpit outside. Put me there.”

Persephone nodded, “Hand on.” Tendrils bloomed from the floor and wrapped themselves around Baltasar and Persephone.

A dome of tendrils bloomed outside above the sand pit, they receded and Baltasar appeared on his back with Persephone kneeling next to him, “Okay, now what?”

Baltasar shifted and the sand began to form into mounds around the stumps, “I should be fine after a bit of rest.”

Persephone placed her hands on his chest and the tendrils sizzled into thin black smoke, “So what was the point of this?” She sat back on her feet.

Baltasar shifted further into the sand, “Hey little buddy. You can come out.”

The creature slowly pulled itself onto Baltasar’s chest and gave a low metallic chip. Persephone held a hand over it, “Is it okay?” Baltasar nodded, Persephone petted the creature and smiled, “It’s squishier than I thought it would be. So, your limbs and?”

Baltasar, “Ten kilos of Osmium.”

Persephone giggled, “So now we can’t mend your weapons.”

Baltasar, “True but my weapons tend to be the more resilient ones.”

Aello touched down at the edge of the sand pit and looked at Baltasar, Persephone looked at her and waved, “Hey Elly.”

Aello raised a brow and gave a small grin, “Bal… What did you do?”

Persephone motioned for her to come closer, Baltasar responded, “Tested the limits of my Blood Mastery.”

Aello knelt next to Persephone and sat on her feet, “What was the result?”

Persephone petted the creature again, Baltasar with his right hand pointed at the creature, “Him. Her? The blob.”

Aello touched the creature and it moved up her arm and settled on her forearm, it chirped again, “It’s lighter than I thought it would be. Metal, right?”

Persephone perked up and looked at the house, “I…” She smiled, “I’m gonna go mess with Kame.” Baltasar and Aello waved at her as she disappeared in thin black smoke. Aello looked at Baltasar and petted the creature again, “How long will you be like this?”

Baltasar grunted and his left arm erupted out of the sand mound, he sat up and rotated his shoulder, it gave small pops as he lightly grunted, “That’s done.” He shifted his butt and the sand closest to his groin fell off and his legs showed, “That will take longer. More mass.”

Kame looked at the single line of text on a piece of paper, “The meeting place of the four ancients lies where the master brought lightning in this world.” He rubbed the side of his head and sighed, “What does that mean?”

Megumi flipped through the large book in front of herself, “Kame why did you place their weapons behind a riddle? It was hard enough making sure they did not die with their source of energy drained.”

Kame reclined and sighed, “It wasn’t my idea Meg. The Ancients wanted their weapons hidden. In a place where their enemies would not look. A place where they could not reach.”

Persephone added as she appeared behind Kame and placed her hands over his eyes, “A place one would not look for Elemental Weapons.” She looked at her, “Plus he’s not sure.”

Megumi looked up at her then Kame, “Kame… Are you serious?”

Persephone moved her hands and placed then on his shoulders, Kame looked at the frustrated Megumi and nodded, “The Elemental Writing I pulled this from was crumbled and nearly destroyed.”

Megumi sighed and looked at the riddle, “It sounds so chopped up. Are you sure that is what the Elemental Writing said?”

Kame grabbed both of Persephone’s wrists and leaned forward, Persephone followed and laid on his shoulders and placed her head on his, “I would have to ask an elder of this religion. They may possibly know of the weapons whereabouts.”

Megumi looked at the hanging world map, “Who would you like to send?” Kame thought for a moment. Megumi resumed her sitting position and looked at Kame, “Kame?”

Kame raised his hand, “Hold on. Thinking.” He rubbed Persephone’s wrist with a thumb then looked at Megumi, “I will, well. We would have to go. I do not believe that the acolytes of the thunder God Zeus would give information to someone else. Especially something as serious as Elemental Weapons.”

Megumi nodded, “Okay I’ll record it. Good luck.”

Persephone shuffled backwards and Kame stood, he looked at her, “Meet you two outside. Okay?”

Persephone nodded and disappeared in thin black smoke. Kame went to his room and changed into his jumpsuit and trenchcoat. He moved to outside and the twins stood in their jumpsuits and peacoats. Isis took her scythe out and rested the pole against her shoulder, “Ready?”

Kame nodded and stood next to her, she tapped the ground and the trio disappeared in a flash of light.

On a mountain range in the Eighth City region.

Isis shielded her eyes from the sun with a hand and looked around, “Its sunny today.”

The trio’s goggles constructed and the lens smoked to act as sunglasses. Persephone pointed forward, the temple is about a mile and a half that way.

Kame started walking, “Let’s get going then.”

The trio walked to the temple, Kame looked at the white stone, cleaned and free of imperfections someone had taken great care of the temple. Kame grabbed the brass handle of the large wooden doors and pulled. The doors gave a low creak as they opened. At the front of the temple a statue of a standing Zeus was made of marble. Kame walked forward and moved to the front of the temple.

A young black male in traditional Greek robes appeared from a side door, his hair in a very small afro, his left arm had tattoos of different Greek gods. He moved towards Kame, Isis reacted and moved next to him and held up a hand, “We mean no harm young one.” She pointed at Kame who knelt onto his right knee and placed his right knuckled on the ground and bowed his head, she continued, “We only wish to pay respects.” The acolyte bowed his head and stood at the end of the pews with the twins.

Kame whispered a small prayer in Elemental and tapped the ground with his knuckles, Sleep well little brother. May you find peace.” He stood and turned towards the twins and the acolyte.

The acolyte bowed his head, “Sir, my I ask.”

Kame nodded as he moved towards them, “We are keepers for the Elemental Temple. I wish to ask your elder about a teaching that my temple has lost in the recent attack against her place of rest.”

The acolyte motioned at the pews, “Please, sit. I will alert the elder of your arrival.”

The twins and Kame moved to the front pew and sat. The acolyte entered a room to the left of the statue.

Kame looked at the statue, “Zeus. A being attempting to keep him family from falling from grace.”

Persephone lightly swung her legs, “Only to be slain by Tortuga. Even he fell for the challenge. Should we tell them that they praise a dead god?”

Kame pushed Persephone lightly with a shoulder, “Seph… so heartless. We can’t if we tell them the truth…

Isis leaned into Kame’s side, “If we do we may make a new enemy.”

Kame hugged Isis with an arm, “Pretty much. And that’s the last thing we need.”

The door opened and the acolyte held the door open as an elder black male exited, he wore the same robes only with gold trims around the neck line, his left arm held the same tattoos that the acolyte had, he shuffled in front of Kame, his voice held a deep bass, “Hello, young ones.” The twins waved at him.

Kame stood and bowed at the waist, “Good day sir. I am a keeper of the Elemental Temple; I wish to ask about a teaching your temple and mine share.”

The elder looked at Kame as paused, he rubbed his chin and smiled, “Of course. Come let us speak in my office.” He turned away and began to move towards the room, “Persephone and Isis may enter as well.”

The trio followed and entered the room, one wall was a window that filled from the floor to the ceiling, on the wall adjacent to the window two large booksellers filled with old leather bound books filled the rows, the last wall opposite the window was a large painting of Zeus sitting on a throne. The elder sat down at his desk and scooted up to the wooden desk, Kame sat down in the chair in front of the desk and the twins stood at his side’s. The Elder looked at Kame, “What brings Kame to the temple of Zeus. Very odd for you to show.”

Kame shook his head, “That was my father sir. I am simply a son of his.” Kame took out the piece of paper with the riddle and placed it in front of the elder, “I need to know where this location is. Our temple shares this teaching.”

The elder looked at the text and chuckled, he pointed to his right, “Isis can you grab the cardboard tube that is sitting on the third row?” Isis examined the shelves and grabbed the item. The elder then pointed at the shelf to the left, “Persephone can you grab the red book with the I V on the spine.” Persephone looked at the book shelf and grabbed the book, she placed it in front of the elder. The elder opened the book and began flipping through the pages, “First your translation is off. Where did you translate your work?”

Kame made a box with his fingers, “It came from extremely degraded Elemental Writing. That is all that I could pull. Your god was mentioned as a reference.”

The elder continued to flip through the book, “Second, you are not Kame’s son. I know for a fact that he has not had any descendants since… Well since the first Feral War. And that female was killed by another for power, so I will say again. Kame why did you come here?”

Kame smiled and sat down, “Always so sharp, even for an old man.”

The elder slapped his arm chair and laughed heartily, “Ha. Me old man?!” He pointed at Kame, “If I am old then you are beyond ancient.” Kame looked at the tube, stood and took out an old map. He placed a book on one end and held the other with a hand. The elder quietly read a passage out loud to himself then stood. He looked at the old map and pointed at a region in the Fifth City region, “Here. The temple should be here, it is the sister temple to the temple in Ephesus for Artemis.”

Persephone spoke into the radio, “She should be live and well still.”

Kame glanced back at her and nodded. He took out a piece of paper and began to copy the map. The elder reclined and watched as Kame focused on drawing, “So Kame.” Kame stopped and looked at him, “How come you were not able to figure the riddle out? This is unusual, especially since it’s you.”

Kame chuckled and continued drawing, “Like I said, the Elemental Writing I pulled this from was extremely degraded that part was not a lie.”

The Elder smiled, “Always an excuse huh?” Persephone giggled, the Elder looked at her and motioned at her, “Ah, see. She gets it don’t you Persephone?” Persephone nodded.

Kame finished the drawing and began to roll the map up, “Don’t encourage this, old man. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

The Elder laughed heartily again and slapped the arm rest, “Oh… You need to visit more often. I haven’t smiled this much in a long time.”

Kame handed the cardboard tube to Isis and replaced the book on its spot. He shook the Elder’s hand, “Thank you for your help.”

The Elder smiled and slightly bowed his head, “Of course. A favor for a favor. You helped me when I needed it. I am glad to repay the favor.” The twins stood and the Elder looked at him, “Isis. Persephone. Please take care and make sure to take care of this old man, Okay?” The smiled and bowed their heads.

Kame handed the papers to Persephone and held the new map in his left hand, “Take care of yourself alright.”

The Elder nodded and reclined in the chair. Kame turned around and began to walk towards the door. The Elder called out to him, “Kame.” Kame grabbed the door knob and did not look back, “Tell me this. The one reason their weapons were hidden, was to stop a check for power for them. My question Kame. Is another war about to happen? Will the legend of old, Tortuga the mass murderer, will he be a part of this?”

Kame squeezed the door knob slightly, “I’m trying to stop that.” The Elder bowed his head as Kame exited. Kame lead the way out of the temple. They waved good-bye to the Acolyte as they passed him.

Isis spoke as they moved towards her symbol, “I forgot we helped him when he was a child.”

Kame replied, “Yep. Guess he remembers that.”

They reached Isis’ symbol and stood on it. Isis pulled out her scythe and raised it, she looked at the other two, “Ready?” They nodded and Isis tapped the ground.

Gather everyone in the library Seph. Izzy, draw your stronger symbol you’re going to teleport eleven people.”

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