Elemental Story Chp 4 Discovery

Antonio D. Anaya
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Kame sat against a wall in the training room observing Baltasar and Persephone sparr. Persephone being a faster and smaller target made it difficult for Baltasar to land meaningful hits. He braced himself, taking a punch to the stomach he countered with a diagonal chop it connected. Persephone going with the force twirled. They returned to a fighting stance. Kame smiled fighting either of the twins was a chore, they always had endless amounts of energy and any hit no matter how light always hit hard.
Baltasar held his stomach with a hand and fell to a knee, “ahgg, I forgot I can’t do that with you.” He continued to pant. Persephone dropped her stance and placed her hand on his stomach. Tendrils appeared and pulsated, slowly healing Baltasar’s wound. “I told you, you need to dodge more. You won’t be able to take every hit that comes your way.” Baltasar gave a small smile, “Yes ma’am. I mean yes Seph I will remember.” They both stood, Persephone stretched, “That’s all for today. Work on your Earth Element.” Baltasar gave a small head nod and moved to another part of the room.
Persephone moved towards Kame. He held out a towel, “He lasted for twenty minutes give him a small break.” She took it from him and wiped her face, “I did. If I had punched any harder I would have opened up his wound.” Kame reclined backwards onto his hands, “I don’t know you can be pretty mean sometimes.” Persephone jabbed him in the shoulder. Kame rubbed his shoulder acting as if it hurt a lot more than it actually did. Megumi walked into the training room with Isis. Isis looked excited, she ran up to Kame and Persephone, “Hey guys! Meg found something!” Kame resumed reclining backwards on his hands, “Great what is it?”
Megumi greeted Kame and Persephone, “I found the location of two weapons and a challenge the elementals can undergo.” Megumi motioned at Kame to follow her. He stood along with Persephone. They followed her into the library.
They sat at a table with the world map laid on it. Megumi pointed at an area south of the eighth city, “The weapons are inside a mountain around this area. I can’t tell if there are elementals near them but I do know there are two weapons.” 
Kame studied the map, “We can send Elly and Yumi to retrieve the weapons. Hopefully whoever has the weapons will hand them over with no trouble.” Megumi wrote this down. She pulled out another piece of paper and laid it on the map. It showed a wooden double door with a circle in the middle. A stick figure for reference gave it a height of eight feet tall. 
She pointed at the picture, “This is what a trials gate looks like.” The twins took turns looking at the drawing. 
Kame took it from them, “Do you know how it works?” 
Megumi shook her head, “Not in detail but what I have gathered is one elemental goes in and when he or she completes the challenge inside they gain an immense amount of elemental power.” She pointed at the circle in the middle of the door, “This has the respective symbol for each element.” 
Kame reclined in the chair and though for a moment, “Do you know where they are located?” 
Megumi moved the paper and pointed at the map. She pointed at the four elemental kingdoms, “Each gate is inside the respective elemental kingdom. There is also a guard at each gate.”
Kame leaned in looking at the map, “Does it attack or is it there to prevent damage to the gate?”
Meg stood and went to the nearby bookshelf. She grabbed a book and returned to the table, “They are known as Ancient Elementals.” She flipped through the book, “Here this is what I have on them.” She handed kame the book. The twins stood and read over his shoulders. Megumi continued, “They were placed there by the Arch-Elementals. They seem to deem you worthy or not and tell you to leave if you cannot complete the trial.”
Kame rubbed his arm, “Girls go get the others. This is important.” The twins tapped his shoulders and exited. Kame put the book down and picked up the drawing, “Do you think the four will be able to pass the trial?”
Megumi sat down across from him, “It is meant for high level elementals. Besides the twins they are the strongest elementals I have seen. I believe they can complete it. They have to believe it though. This challenge or trial I should say works the same way blood masteries works, we could lose them forever.”
The group walked in. Ayumi spoke, “You needed to see us?”
Kame nodded and motioned at the chairs surrounding the table, “Yes. Two things.” The group sat at the table two on either side of Kame, the twins stood at his sides, “First Meg found two weapons. Elly, Yumi, I need you two to go look at the site try to reason with anyone there but use any means necessary to get them back.” He pointed at the map where the weapons were located. “B we found a challenge, or trial. All we know is that it uses this trial gate.” He placed the drawing down.
Ayumi rotated the picture towards her, “I’ve seen of this.”
Kame raised a brow, “You have?”
Megumi tilted her head, “When did the elders tell you about this?”
Ayumi moved the picture to the side and pointed at the Water kingdom, “Yes, sorry sis this is something the elders showed me since I showed to be such a strong warrior.”
Megumi crossed her arms, “And I wasn’t?”
Ayumi shrugged, “They approached me, its here.” She pointed at an area inside the water kingdom, “The elders took me here a dragon, an old one, was guarding it. He didn’t seem to be bothered by us being in proximity of the entrance but I could feel he was powerful. He could have easily killed me. When the elders told me to approach him, the dragon bowed to me and let me pass. Inside, this gate was there.” She pointed at the circle in the gate, “This had the elemental symbol for water.”
Kame leaned forward, “Do you think you can still get in, now that you are human?”
Ayumi reclined in her chair, “I’m not sure.”
Sokenzen stood and placed his hands on the table, “This gate I’ve seen it.” He slid the paper off the Fire kingdom’s area on the map, he pointed at a volcano, “Let me attempt it first if I pass, good if I fail, then you know everyone has to get stronger. It’s inside a volcano, a Phoenix guards it. I didn’t attempt to approach.”
Persephone shifted slightly and looked at him, “Why not Ken?”
Sokenzen smile, “Fear, she… that Phoenix was powerful.”
Kame looked at Sokenzen then the map, “Are you sure Ken? This challenge can kill you.”
Sokenzen nodded, “Its fine this is the least I can do.” He reclined back into his chair. Megumi drew a square with a line in the two spots pointed out by Ayumi and Sokenzen. In the legend she drew the symbol again and defined it.
She placed her hands on the table and leaned over the map, “The last two doors… We are going to have to ask the kingdom’s rulers for access.”
Aello placed her chin on the table, “Ah man the Succubi and Vampires are annoying to deal with.”
Baltasar crossed his arms, “The Kawakos and Tolbas can be incredibly stubborn.”
Kame gave Aello a confused look, “Succubi? Is that how you pluralize that? Thought it was Succubuses. sees?” Aello gave him a blank look. “Right doesn’t matter. The twins will accompany you just remember you are asking if they have knowledge on this gate. Not if we can use it. The Ancient Elder will determine that. However before we get to that. Elly, Yumi please do the first mission.”
Both stood, Ayumi asked, “What is the time limit on the mission?”
He shook his head and replied, “No limit just try to ask for the weapons if you can.” They nodded to Kame. He returned the gesture, “Good luck.”

Ayumi examined the faded scar the Phoenix had given her. The scales had faded and all that was left was a faint line, she rubbed it gently. She zipped up her jump suit and put her hair in a ponytail. She wrapped her waist with elemental cloth. She fastened her rapier to her hip and holstered her pistol. She walked outside of the house, Aello stood with Isis waiting. Aello wore the same type of jumpsuit, her ninjato strapped to her outer thigh. She held the strap to her sniper that hung off her back. She wore elemental cloth as a scarf that ran in front of her chest to her waist, it followed her spine as well.
Isis looked at Ayumi and smiled, “Ayumi! I will be teleporting you two to the area near the weapons.” She took her scythe out. Aello fastened her rebreather on, Ayumi followed suit. 
Aello tested the radio and asked, “We ask if they can hand over weapons right?”
Ayumi nodded and responded with her radio, “Yes but Kame said by any means.”
Isis finished drawing her symbol and hit the ground with the end of her scythe, “Hey hey! They may be elementals you know there are few of us.”
Aello let out a loud sigh, “Great. Yumi you’re doing all the talking.” Irritation filled her voice. Both put their googles on. They stood on Isis’ symbol.
Isis looked at them and raised her scythe, “Ready?” They both nodded. She tapped her symbol and in a bright flash they disappeared. “This area is located in the eighth city’s region, seven miles to the south of the capital.” Isis continued, she crouched down and transformed her scythe into a sickle. She drew her symbol beneath a bush. “Use this when you’re done here. Good luck.” Isis waved and in a flash of light disappeared.
Ayumi flicked through the information on her goggles, “The camp is half a mile from here. So far no elemental energy has pooled around the weapons. We may have gotten lucky.” They began to walk towards the weapons.
Aello checked her pistol, “Do you think there will be Vampires?”
Ayumi flicked through more information, “Oh right their kingdom is close to here. No, let’s hope they haven’t noticed the weapons.” They continued to the weapons in silence.
They approached the site. “Looks like its just non-elementals.” Ayumi said scanning the area.
Aello stepped forward, “Let’s get this done then.” As they approached, the group of 10 men stood. 
Ayumi bowed, “Hello gentlemen my name is Ayumi and this is Aello.” She motioned towards Aello. “The two weapons you found are ours.”
One of the men stepped forward, “Too bad we found the weapons in a cave and from the looks of it they can get us a nice payday.”
Ayumi shifted slightly, she asked “I see if money is what you are after then how much is needed for the two?” 
Aello radioed to Ayumi silent to the others, “Let’s take them no use in bargaining with thieves.” Ayumi looked at her and shook her head. The group walked around them. 
The man spoke again, “500 gold.” He smirked.
“Sir that’s far too high. Perhaps a little lower?”
“Then.” The man walked up to her and rubbed her shoulder. “How about you pay with your bodies?” The man chucked. Ayumi looked down to her right. 
She radioed to Aello, “Take them down just don’t kill.” Aello unlatched her sniper and as it hit the ground, distracting the group, they jumped to action. With educated blows to pressure points and knock out areas, the two easily dropped the men. 
Aello picked up her sniper and strapped it back on, “Go figure weirdos would find the weapons.”
Ayumi headed to the groups convoy of cars, “Let’s just get the weapons and head back. Hope we didn’t hurt them to bad.” Aello let out a small huff and followed Ayumi, she clearly didn’t care about the state of the men. Ayumi found both weapons in the bed of a truck. She looked at the weapons, “An axe and rapier.” Aello grabbed the axe and wrapped it in elemental cloth, Ayumi wrapped the rapier. A hollow thump of a car hood was heard, they looked towards the sound. A man crouched on the hood, his ears pointed, canines slightly longer, and his coat covered what appeared to be a hunch. He spoke, “Aello pleasure seeing you here.” 
Aello crossed her arms, irritation came from her voice, “What do you want you Vampire.” 
The man stood and jumped off the car’s hood, “Hey you’re in my territory. I saw these men as easy prey then you came in.”
Aello shifted the axe in her hands, “Have them, we only needed these.” 
The vampire looked at the knocked out men and shifted them with his foot, “Right, right. What are they?”
“That’s for us to know.” Aello responded. Two females landed near them. Their feature similar to the man, pointed ears, longer canines, and a small hunch. Aello turned towards the way they came in, “Come on Ayumi we’re done here.” 
Ayumi followed Aello, she held the rapier behind her back with both hands, “Elly we can’t let them kill them.” They continued to walk away from the camp. 
“They were already planning the ambush and you know we can’t interfere with non-elemental business. You know that.” 
Ayumi squeezed the rapiers handle, “Still doesn’t mean I like it.” 
Aello looked at her, “I don’t like that rule either Yumi but it’s what he wants.” 
They approached Isis’ symbol, Aello crouched down and touched the symbol. Isis appeared, “Whoa you found them!” Isis looked at the two weapons. “Any trouble?” She asked.
Aello responded as Isis drew her symbol with her scythe, “Just some weirdos.”
Isis nodded, “Well that’s good at least no one died right?”
Ayumi moved the rapier to her front and continued to hold it with both hands, “They might be dead.”
Isis looked at her, “They didn’t want to give them up?”
Ayumi shook her head, “No, we knocked them out and then a Vampire and two Succubi came after we did.” 
Isis finished drawing her symbol, “Oh yea they are super dead.”
Ayumi looked down, sadness filled her voice, “Terrible we couldn’t stop them.”
Aello aggravated looked at Ayumi, “Ayumi! They were asking for our bodies as payment. Stop feeling bad for them. They were scum.” 
Ayumi looked at Aello and gave a small smile, “You’re right. I’ll stop worrying about it.” 
They stepped into the symbol and appeared in front of the house. 
Isis transformed her scythe into a knife and holstered it on the back of her belt, “Take the weapons to the forge, Kame will inspect them. After that we will go to the temple and repair it.”
They removed their goggles and respirator. Ayumi took a deep breath, “First breath is always funny.” She looked at her respirator. Isis giggled and headed inside. 
Aello placed the axe down and unlatched her sniper, “Sorry about yelling at you I’m still getting used to it.”
Ayumi smiled, “You told me your past its okay. I know you aren’t the sympathetic type.” 
Aello rose her hand and wagged a finger, “Hey. I can be sympathetic, just it’s hard to do so for people that are just plain wrong.”
Ayumi placed a hand on Aello shoulder, “Keep talking to Bal whatever he is teaching you it’s working. In the beginning you would have killed them, not knocked them out.”
Aello smiled and hugged Ayumi, “Thank you for that.”

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