Elemental Story Chp 5 Monsters

Antonio D. Anaya 
Not gonna lie this one got away from me. Should have been another short chapter but I like the exposition. Also Exposition inbound! So how would you react to being called a monster?

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Megumi and Kame sat across from each other in the library, Kame’s eyes were closed he focused on a memory. Megumi continued to read from a book, the entire elemental symbol was drawn on the table. Megumi smiled as more detailed text filled the book, “There we go. Keep it up Kame.” Kame grunted in pain and acknowledgement. The book grew in thickness slightly, “There we go Kame that should finish this memory.” 
Kame opened his eyes and rubbed his head, “If it’s not the twins you’re trying to kill me.” 
Megumi smiled, “From what I hear you like to move when they are healing you.” 
Isis bent to Kame’s side, “And he likes to jump when we’re trying to slice damaged tissue away.” Megumi stood and replaced the book inside a bookshelf.
Kame laid his head on the table, “Aww man come on Izzy, I’m already hurt.” 
Isis smiled and sat to the side of Kame, “So how did this session go?”
Megumi lifted the now slightly thicker book, “His Wind Elemental Mastery is now more detailed. It’s not the detail I would like, but for his use it will do.” 
Isis looked at the book and nodded, “We’ll that’s good. Oh hey Kame you told me to tell you when Seph was going to the waterfall. Well, she’s going.” 
Kame looked up, “What! Really? Ah man. Can you go get Sokenzen he needs to come with us?”
Isis stood and pushed the chair back under the table, “Alright. She is going to leave in the next few minutes I’ll tell her to wait for you two.” 
Kame waved a hand, “Thanks.” 
Megumi sat down, “Sir. If I may. Why are you taking Sokenzen to Persephone’s waterfall?”
Kame crossed his arms and laid his head on them on the table, “Meg don’t talk like that don’t worry about asking personal questions. He had doubt and if he goes into the trial with it… I need to make sure he will be as strong as possible.” 
Megumi crossed her legs and reclined, “I see.” She tapped a book with her palm.
Kame looked at her and smiled, “Don’t worry I’m not gonna kill him.”
Megumi smirked, “Alright, I’m going to go take a bath. See you when you get back.” 
Kame bowed his head. He stood and exited the house. He found Persephone and Sokenzen waiting for him. Both wore their casual cloths, Persephone’s only change being that she wore a shirt that was her size. Sokenzen had a slightly worried look on his face, “Uh sir you asked to see me?”
Kame waved his hand, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing big. I just want you to come with me and follow Seph. If she’ll allow it.” He looked at Persephone. 
She pointed at herself, “Me? I’m just going to see the waterfall. I don’t care.”
Kame bowed, “Then please ignore us.”
Persephone shrugged and headed to the north of the island the house was on. Kame followed with Sokenzen behind him. Sokenzen spoke, moving branches as they continued deeper into a forest, “Sir why did you ask me to follow.” Kame looked at him held a hand up to his lips. The forest broke into a clearing, a stream flowed in the middle of it. They turned and followed it. The stream opened up to a small pond at one edge a waterfall, which easily broke a hundred feet, stood tall. Kame motioned at Sokenzen to follow him they stood at the tree line. Persephone took a deep bowed at the water’s edge, she entered the pond and waddled towards the center. Sokenzen broke the silence again, “Sir why does she come here?” 
Kame finally spoke, “This spot, the waterfall, and its waters everything here can channel Dark Elemental Energy. An animal pure black in color emerged from the waterfall, it slowly pulsed black smoke. Persephone bent her arm slightly to allow it to land on her arm. Kame continued, “You see she can talk to the animals that live in the Void.” Kame pointed at the animal that sat on her arm, “What animal do you see Ken?” 
Sokenzen crossed his arms, “It’s an eagle.” 
Kame replied, “She sees a hummingbird, I see a crow, and I think Izzy sees a dove.” He scratched his head.
Sokenzen gave Kame a confused look, “Well what do they tell her?”
Kame sat down against a nearby tree, Sokenzen followed suit against another, “Every being that has attempted to communicate with the Dark Element. If they died or if they were reforged.” 
“Reforged?” Sokenzen asked.
Kame nodded, “Well a common misconception of the Dark Element is that its evil and everything it touches becomes corrupt. In reality the Darkness or Void, as some beings like to call it, actually improves what you are.”
Sokenzen slowly understood, he asked, “So good men become great and bad men become evil like that one saying?” Kame nodded. “Well what about the ones that go crazy?”
“Ah they attempt to contact the darkness with no clear objective in mind so the darkness gets mad and turns their curiosity into madness.”
“So is that why most ‘Good’ people go crazy?”
Kame nodded, “The bad ones tend to know exactly what they want and the darkness doesn’t care it just likes reforging, and the outcome is not something it thinks about. This gave the darkness a bad rep of being evil.” Persephone laughed, another flying creature emerged from the waterfall. 
“Imagine if an Elemental could ask the darkness to strengthen their powers.” Kame said, putting his knees up and placing his elbows on them. 
Sokenzen sat straight up, “Can we not?”
Kame shook his head, “The darkness doesn’t like Elementals, it nearly killed me when I tried to communicate with it.” Kame motioned his thumb from his left shoulder down to his stomach. “Hurt like crazy.” 
“So how does she talk to it then, I thought she controlled elements?” Sokenzen asked.
Kame smiled, “She does but she isn’t an elemental, well not fully. She is half Arch-Elemental and half Arch-Reaper. She was born from the dark element so it treats her like one of its own.”
Ken nodded and placed his hand on the ground, “So is Isis the same?” 
Kame pointed at Sokenzen and shook his finger, “Good question. She is half Arch-Elemental and half Arch-Angel. She was born from the light element.”
Sokenzen looked at his other hand, “Why are you telling me this?”
“Because they are monsters.” Kame said softly almost to himself.
Sokenzen’s eyes widened, “What?”
“I am one too. I murdered six thousand people to understand an enemy.” Kame continued to look at Persephone. 
“You are not a monster sir.” Sokenzen responded. 
Kame smiled and rested his head against the tree, “You are right I wish I was imaginary. The whole point is you will be called a monster, a demon, a murderer, and until you come to terms that you truly are one, it’s going to eat you alive. 
Sokenzen looked down, “So you know I asked the twins about your feral mastery huh?” 
Kame shook his head, “No but I could read it in your body language. Ken remember this the moment you had your element awoken you as a being died.”
Sokenzen pointed at his own chest, “I died?” 
Kame closed his eyes, “You were reborn as an elemental. You do not follow the same rules as beings. Your rules are your own.”
Sokenzen looked at his hand and created a fist, he looked at Persephone. She stretched her arm out and the two flying creatures flew into the waterfall. She looked at Sokenzen and smiled, she waded towards them.

Kame asked not opening his eyes but motioning a hand at Persephone, “So any survivors?”
Persephone placed her hands on her hips, “Kame come on. The darkness it’s sad, something is forcing it to strengthen elementals. She sat next to Kame, he presented a fruit to her.
“Does it know who this thing is?” He opened his eyes and looked at her.
She shook her head, “They don’t know any attempt to look at it is shrouded by an outside force.”
Sokenzen crossed his arms, “Could it be whatever hurt Elly, and Bal?”
Kame smiled, “That is not out of the realm of possibility.” 
Persephone added, “Good one Ken.” She smiled at his cause him to give a half smile.
Kame announced, “Let’s head home if this unknown is powering up elementals then we have to train harder.” Kame stood, the others followed suit. Isis’ symbol appeared, she appeared as the symbol let out a flash of light. 
She nodded her head at the group, “Hey guys! Heard you need a ride?” 
She asked smiling, Persephone nodded and motioned at the other two to stand next to her. Isis tapped her scythe against the ground and in a bright flash they disappeared.

Sokenzen laid in his bed he continued to think about his conversation with Kame. A day had passed but he still worried about Kame. Did he hate him now that he knew about him asking about ferals? Was he making a point showing him the waterfall? Can he really read him so easy or did he just guess? Kame continued to twiddle his thumbs. He grunted and rose, “Why was I the first to fully understand my Element?” He stood put a shirt on and his sash he went to the library. 
Megumi sat at a table, she ate fruit and read a book, a memory of Kame advising an unnamed counsel. Sokenzen entered and greeted her. “Oh hey Ken nice to see you. What brings you in?”
He sat across from her, “The memory scour can you do my entire history? All of it?” 
Megumi set her book down, “How come? Well I mean I can but it will be very painful.”
He put a hand on the table, “I want to know why was I the first to fully utilize my power. I… I have my feral mastery. I want to know if that was a part of the reason or a side effect.”
Megumi covered her mouth with her fingers, “Oh wow.”
Sokenzen looked down, “I’m sorry you had to learn this way but yes I am a Feral.”
Megumi shook her head, “No I don’t care about that. I’m just surprised you would tell anyone.”
Sokenzen looked up and smiled at her, “Thank you for understanding.”
Megumi stood and grabbed an empty book, “I can do this but you will feel way more pain than a normal scour. Are you sure?”
Sokenzen nodded, she grunted in agreement and drew Kame’s symbol and the symbol for Fire.
“Now do not focus on anything clear your mind since this is essentially your biography. Try to not focus on anything.” She sat down across from him. He nodded and closed his eyes. She placed her hands on the symbol and he grunted in pain. “Easy don’t think about the pain.” He grunted in acknowledgement.
Two minutes passed, “There I have everything.” She grabbed the empty book and flipped through it. Text filled the pages. 
Sokenzen stood and yelled, “Daamn! That hurt so damn bad.” He flexed a closed fist, and growled. 
Megumi flipped to the first page and titled it. 
Sokenzen sat back down, “Okay I remember now.”
Megumi looked up, closing the book, “Remember what?”
“Why I have my feral mastery and why I’m the strongest. Can I draw on your table?” Megumi motioned for him to have at it and gave him the marker. He drew a line, “Can you tell me the others ages?” He wrote Kames name on the far left of the line, the twins’ names followed Kame’s. 
Megumi looked at the line, “Bal is a hundred and thirty-five, Yumi is a hundred and ten, Aello is ninety-five, and you are forty-five.” He wrote their names oldest on the left and youngest to the right. 
“So I was right.” He put the marker down and headed towards the exit.
“What did you figure out?!” Megumi called out to him. 
Sokenzen smiled opening the door, “How many Blood Masteries there are.” Sokenzen ran around the house and called for a meeting in the library. He reentered, slightly out of breath. 
Megumi crossed her legs and reclined, “You see really happy about this.” 
Sokenzen broadly smiled, “I figured something out. I feel good.” Everyone entered the library. 
Kame looked at the table, “Hey Ken you wanted to see us?”
Sokenzen nodded and motioned at the table, “Yes. I did. Firstly out of everyone here I am currently the youngest at forty-five. But the thing is clearly we do not look our age. We look like the age that you finished your mastery for our element.”
Kame continued to look at the line, “You’re close but if that was the case then you and Yumi flipped elementals somehow.”
Sokenzen looked at him in confusion, “What do you mean?”
Kame picked up the marker and wrote the four elements above the names, “I mastered the elements in this order, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. You are on to something but see fire and water are switched.” He pointed at Sokenzen’s and Ayumi’s name. 
Sokenzen crossed his arms and reclined in the chair, “Damn I thought I was on to something.”
Kame looked at the line and pointed at his name and the twins, “What’s this?” 
Sokenzen shook his head, “I assumed you three were born before the rest of us so I took you out of the line. 
Kame nodded, “So what brought this up?”
Sokenzen motioned at Megumi, “I asked her to scour my entire life.” He rubbed his bead guess I was still off about something.” 
Isis hugged him from behind, “Nah you did good Ken. I’m surprised you were able to figure this all out we didn’t even tell you everyone’s age.” 
Sokenzen blushed slightly, “Well I sorta asked Meg about their ages.”
Ayumi put her hands on her hips, “Meg! You told him how old we are?”
Megumi put her hands up in front of her, “Sorry! He was onto something.”
Aello sat at the table, “So Ken what’s the point of this? You were going somewhere with this?”
Sokenzen looked at Aello, “Right. Everyone please don’t be mad but I have mastered the feral mastery.” He closed his eyes, he prepared himself for the worst. Silence filled the room, he opened an eye. 
Baltasar leaned towards him, “Alright so is that all friend?”
Sokenzen looked at everyone, “You are all okay with this?” The group gave their agreements.
Baltasar spoke again, “It’s only natural. We are elementals after all. The fact that only you have it isn’t surprising. I thought we would all have it by now.”
Sokenzen pointed at his book, “I think the reason I’m the only one with it is because I obtained it before the twins recruited me.”
Kame slid the book towards himself, “Then you remember being recruited?” 
Sokenzen nodded, “I remember the feeling of powerlessness towards the twins I felt.”
Isis looked at the book, “Really! Can you show us?”
Sokenzen looked at Megumi, “Do you mind?” 
Megumi shook her head, and began to redraw Kame’s symbol, “I get to see how you were before this. I won’t mind the extra work.” Everyone just focus on the symbol. Everyone nodded and closed their eyes.

Two females in business attire walked towards a prison. Both in their early twenties, they wore a badge of the sixth cities rulers. One held an envelope stamped with the ruler’s symbol. “Izzy do you really think this will work?” Persephone asked Isis, stopping. 
Isis looked at her and sighed, “It worked on the ruler, the fact that all we had to do was get him drunk was a plus.” She held the envelope up, “This will get us to where he is. When we get there all we have to do is talk to him.” 
Persephone rubbed the side of her index finger, “You’re talking then.” 
They approached the prison’s gate, a guard looked them over, “What do you two want? This is a dangerous facility. If you need a car back to the city we can provide one.”
Isis bowed towards him, “Sir we are on official business for the High Ruler.” She pointed at her badge and lifted the envelope to show the stamp. 
The guard took the attention stance and saluted, “Sorry ma’am, the High Ruler has never sent females before.”
Isis bowed her head, “At ease. He is trying to keep you on your toes. So he sent two of his daughters. Take us to the warden’s office please.” 
“Yes ma’am.” The guard pressed a button and the gate slowly opened. “If you could please follow me.”
With the guard turned away from them, Isis smiled at Persephone and whispered, “See don’t worry.” 
The guard knocked on the warden’s door. The warden called out, “I told you. No visitors. We are busy with paperwork.” 
The guard put up a finger, signaling for them to wait a moment. He opened the door and saluted at the warden, “Sir these two are from the High Ruler himself.” 
The warden grey with age looked at the two as they stepped into the office. He quickly stood and gave them a salute, “Ah ma’ams sorry you were not on the schedule. I was not expecting you.”
Isis waved a hand at the warden, “At ease sir. The High Ruler just want to make sure this prison isn’t part of the local rebellion. We are to inspect it to make sure everything is in order.”
The warden’s face turned slightly red, “This facility will never fall to such fools.” 
Isis bowed her head slightly, “I believe you but.” She handed the warden the envelope. “A command is a command.” 
He took it and read the message, “Right a full inspection of every level. Do not resist or it is considered treason.” He moved to a locker and opened it. He took out three respirators and presented them to the twins. “Here. The lower levels have a miasma, doesn’t hurt the skin but it will knock you unconscious if you breathe it.” The three put the respirators on and began the facility inspection. 
They entered a long hallway, “Okay ma’am this is the last part of the prison.” He walked towards the elevator at the end of the hall. He saluted the guards and presented them with his id. He told them a password and the moved to either side of the elevator doors. They entered keycards into two readers. The elevator dinged and opened. The warden motioned at the elevator, “Please follow me.” The warden pressed the single button inside the elevator. It dinged and closed. They began to descend, “This part of the prison holds the most dangerous of criminals, for your safety please do not touch or brush against any of the prisoners. The miasma seems to have a weaker effect on them instead of knocking them out they are in a trance like state.”
Isis shared a look with Persephone, “Why not restrain them then?” 
The warden looked at Isis, “We tried multiple times. They easily broke their restraints and tried to attack any guard that was touching them. We lost ten guards attempting this.” 
Isis placed her hands fingers over her mouth, “Oh I’m so sorry about that.” 
The warden shrugged, “The prisoners seem content down here so we don’t bother them.” The elevator dinged and opened. Miasma lazily poured into the elevator, “Remember do not touch or brush these prisoners.” The twins nodded, and followed. The entered a room at the end of a large room. A single prisoner knelt in the middle of the room, his waist wrapped in chains, and his feet and hands were anchored to the floor. “Prisoner eleven you have visitors.” 
Persephone moved towards him and stretched out a hand, “I thought you had to touch them to wake them.” 
The warden grabbed her shoulder and shook his head, “It’s rude to keep them waiting.”
He took a deep breath in and slowly looked up, “What do two females want with me?”
The warden looked at Isis, “See all that’s here are prisoners and guards.” 
Persephone squatted in front of him, “Sokenzen the fire elemental.” 
He growled, “How do you know that name? You are two young to know that man.” 
The warden moved towards Persephone, Isis stopped him, “Who are you two? What is the High Ruler’s name?” He slowly moved his hand towards his pistol. Isis noticed and threw a spin kick to his neck easily knocking him out. 
She looked at her pants, the inseam tore from the force of the kick, “Aww man I just got these.”
Sokenzen looked at the warden then back to Persephone, “Clearly you are not from this fool’s city who are you two?”
Isis gave a small curtsy, “Sokenzen, we are Isis and Persephone ambassadors for Kame the elemental ruler.” 
Sokenzen looked down, “Kame I know that name. Why do you want to talk to me I am just a prisoner?”
Persephone stood, “We know of your past and why you are here. If you truly want penance for your so called ‘crimes’ then join us.”
Sokenzen shifted his shoulders, “I would if I could.” 
Persephone stretched her arm out and a scythe appeared, she swiped at Sokenzen. He looked to the side and closed his eyes. The chains clattered to the ground and his hands and feet were free. 
Isis put her arm out for him to grab, “Come Sokenzen join us and accept what you are.”
Sokenzen tried to grab her arm, his arm atrophied didn’t move, “Sorry ladies I can’t move.”
“Right.” Isis moved behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders. She closed her eyes and light began to shine out of Sokenzen’s body. He let out a yell of pain. 
He stood and yelled. It slowly turned into a howl and he transformed into a werewolf. He gave a low growl, “What did you do to me?” 
Isis moved next to Persephone, “I fixed your atrophy, now then.” She looked at Persephone. 
Persephone looked back at Isis, “Oh right here.” She took out a notebook from her suit. 
He transformed back into a human, and grabbed the notebook. The warden moaned and shifted. 
Isis took her scythe out, “Right let’s finish this conversation in another place.” She tapped the ground and in a bright flash they disappeared.

Kame looked at Sokenzen, “Whoa whoa whoa, you can transform into a werewolf?”
Sokenzen nodded, “It was what my feral mastery granted me.”
Megumi sat down and crossed her legs, “So can you do it at any time or just when you are weak?”
Sokenzen shifted in his chair and looked at Megumi, “Just in emergency situations. The reason I transformed then was my body didn’t know what happened when Izzy here fixed my atrophy.”
Kame smiled, “Then tomorrow you and Izzy will go to the trial gate. You will be the first to attempt it.” 
Sokenzen stood and bowed deeply, “Thank you Kame, I won’t fail you.”