Elemental Story Chp 6 The fire trial

Antonio D. Anaya 
Fiya Fiya everywhere! and now we move forward.

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The Fire Trial
The group sat in the library, Kame and Sokenzen sat across from each other. Kame placed his hands on the table, “Are you sure?”
Sokenzen responded, “Yes, I can do it.”
“Alright. Take Izzy, teleport to the gate.” Kame pointed at the Fire elemental kingdom. “Since you have been there. It should be easy for you to teleport to it.” Sokenzen nodded and looked at Isis. 
She stood, “I’ll be outside. Meet me out there when you are ready.” She exited the library. 
Sokenzen looked at the group, “I’ll be back.” He entered his room. He put his jump suit on, grabbing his sash he feed his arm through it. He tied his Katana to his hip and slung his launcher to his back. He exited the house to Isis play swinging with her scythe. 
She looked at him, “You ready?” He nodded. “Alright so what you have to do is hold my shoulder.” He stood behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Now. Think about the location. Really think about it.” He grunted and closed his eyes. She tapped her symbol on the ground and in a bright flash they disappeared.

They appeared near a volcano, the surrounding area expelled steam and soot. Isis began to cough, wheezing she hastily but her rebreather on. She took a deep breath. Sokenzen looked at her confused, “aren’t you a fire elemental?” 
She looked at him, “Oh… right. I forgot about that.” 
Sokenzen chuckled and shrugged, “Alright. Don’t know how you forget but follow me.” They headed to the base of the volcano. A cave appeared as they continued. Isis looked around, “Hey Ken, Why are the Werewolves just staring at us?” 
Sokenzen looked at the nearby werewolf, it paced and stared at them, “They want to know what I’m doing here. What is an exile doing back in the homeland? Just ignore them.” Isis closed the space they had between them. They approached the cave. The elder phoenix stood tall, she looked at both of them. 
Isis asked out loud, “So what do we need to do?”
Sokenzen looked at her then the phoenix, “Yumi approached the dragon so.” He stepped forward. The phoenix examined him, after a pause she bowed her head and moved to the side. “Guess I can enter.” He said to Isis and stepped forward. Sokenzen passed the phoenix and continued down the hallway. He stopped and looked at Isis. She stepped forward and looked at the phoenix, immediately the phoenix came to attention and took a deep bow. The phoenix stepped to the side and Isis walked passed her and joined Sokenzen. The phoenix returned to a guarded stance looking outward of the cave. 
Isis looked at Sokenzen, “That was weird. Why did she bow to me?”
Sokenzen turned and continued down the hallway, “Guess she likes you more than me.” The hallway opened to a large room, on the opposite side of the room the Trial Gate stood. The symbol for Fire was etched into the circle in the center. To the right a weapon rack with antique weapons stood. 
Isis walked to the rack and looked at the weapons, “Guess she hasn’t let others enter her in a long time.”
Sokenzen looked at the copper sword, “Which begs the question why are the weapons still here?” 
Isis rubbed a spear, “Alright, so Meg said no weapons inside the trial. So take off your sword.” She moved to the gate. He removed the katana and placed it into a holder. Isis pointed at his sling, “Your launcher too.” He looked at it and grunted. He took it off and placed it on a hook. Isis touched the gate, “Remember Ken this trial is going to rip at your body, mind, and soul.”
Sokenzen nodded and stood in front of the gate, “Understood. So to open it do I just push it?” Isis moved from the gate and stood next to weapon rack, she nodded and motioned to push. He placed his hands on the gate and pushed. Grunting the doors slowly opened. He closed his eyes as red light bled through the gate, he walked forward.

He opened his eyes and looked around. He stood in a field, trees lined a circle around him. He thought out loud, “This place… Familiar.” He took a step forward, it made a splash as it sunk into the ground. He looked down and pulled his foot out of the ground. His foot was covered in blood. He heard growling in the distance, he looked up and saw black figures slowly walking towards him. He continued to pull his feet out of the ground and shift his weight. He instinctively went for his sword, he grabbed air. He looked down at his side, “Right.” He went to take a step forward, something anchored him down. He looked down a bloodied child and mother held him down. Startled he punched at the two figures and pulled his leg from the ground. He felt more hands hold his other leg down. He looked, three bloody children held onto him. He continued to pain, the sound of chains shifting broke his panic. He looked up, the four hooded figures circled him. The tallest figure spoke, a male, “For your crimes against the humans and the destruction of an entire town you are sentenced to death.” 
The voice sounded familiar, Sokenzen yelled, “Who are you?!” The figure rose his head. Sokenzen’s eyes widened, “No… it can’t be.” Kame smiled your death is the only way to repay your debt to humans. He raised his sword and swung at Sokenzen. Sokenzen hesitated, flexing his arm he let out a roar. He transformed into a werewolf and caught the blade with a clawed hand. His reflexes kicking in, he stabbed Kame in the chest, “I know Kame, we spoke and I have served my sentence. So who are you?” 
Kame coughed up a bit of blood, “I told you I am Kame, the Elemental King ruler of all Arch-Elementals.” Kame smiled and pushed Sokenzen’s clawed hand out of his chest, “We are here to carry out your judgment.” The other figures rose their heads. 
Sokenzen looked at them, “Seph, Yumi, Bal… no.” He growled, letting out a yell he broke free from his restraint and jumped away from the four. “You are not my friends.” More figures began to grab his legs. He looked down and growled. He let out a long howl, his fur began to char and smolder. He snarled, “You will no longer hinder me.” He yelled, his legs caught fire and burned the figures to ash. Screams were heard as they blew away with the wind. Sokenzen took a battle stance and extended his claws. The four took a battle stance and charged at Sokenzen. Sokenzen braced himself, quickly deflecting Baltasar’s sword he stabbed his in the neck. Dodging backwards the twins missed their downwards swings with their scythes. He stepped forward and stabbed both in the neck. He stepped to the side dodging a thrust from Kame. He sliced at Kame’s sword easily cutting it into three pieces. He moved backwards as Kame repositioned himself. “You are not my friends. I have fought them countless times. Who are you?” He let out a low growl. The three bodies slowly rose. 
Persephone spoke, “Sokenzen you hurt us. We are your friends.” The four stood slightly slouched. 
Sokenzen let out another low growl, “If you won’t say… Then I will exterminate you.” The four attacked again, Sokenzen slashed at three of the four. He moved away as the rose again. 
Kame spoke, readjusting his slashed arm, “You cannot kill us. We are here to carry your judgement out.” 
Sokenzen lowered his stance, “No. My sentence will never be carried out. It is something I must carry with me forever!” He let out another long howl, his fur caught fire and his eyes turned blood red. The symbol for Fire appeared on his right breast, “So that is what this trial is.” He looked at the four and charged, He stabbed Isis in the throat and with his free hand slashed her body into three pieces. He dodged a slash from Baltasar and stabbed him in the chest with both hands. Growling he ripped Baltasar in half. He turned and faced Persephone pouncing he easily mauled her into pieces. Kame stood across from Sokenzen keeping his sword pointed at him, “So ready to kill your friends, so easy for a monster!”
Sokenzen paced and gave a low growl, he pointed, “I am not a being, I was born from the elements. Your labels hold not meaning to me!” Kame charged, he swung his sword downward. Sokenzen took the hit to his shoulder and wrapped his left arm around Kame’s arms. 
“You will fall to me remember that.” 
“That may be the case but until then only my friends will be able to judge me.” Sokenzen stabbed Kame in the ribs. Unwrapping his arm he took the sword out of his shoulder. Sokenzen looked at his hands and slowly transformed back into a human. “I am not a human, or a werewolf. I… I am something stronger.” He let out a yell as light filled his vision. He lifted his hand and began to walk forward, the light intensity increased and he closed his eyes.

He appeared back in the temple. Isis sat near the weapon rack. She jumped up, “You did it! How does it feel?” She walked towards him. 
He looked at his closed fist, “I feel lighter? No stronger? I’m not sure.”
Isis smiled and held his weapons out, “You have more confidence.” 
He smiled, “That’s it I guess. Doing this trial was worth it.” He stepped forward and let out a yell of pain. He dropped to a knee and clutched his shoulder. Isis helped take his jumpsuit off. The symbol for fire etched itself into his right shoulder. He flexed his arm and rotated his shoulder, “What was that?”
Isis examined the symbol, “Whoa you got your Blood Mastery.” 
He shifted his should allowing her to heal it, “Blood Mastery? I thought this was an Elemental Trial?” 
Isis finished and patted the symbol, “It was, well is. This seems to unlock your Blood mastery and the trial at the same time. This is great if we can get the others to finish their trials we can get everyone their Blood Masteries as well.” She put a bandage on the symbol. 
Sokenzen continued to think, “Chu’ul?” 
Isis stood tall, “How do you know that name?” 
He looked at her, “The trial gave me knowledge. I also know I am the overseer for all Fire Elementals, Phoenixes, and Werewolves.” He stood and rotated his shoulder. “So how can I help the others with this trial?”
Isis took her scythe out and began to draw her symbol, “Tell them about it. You don’t have to go into detail but if there is a key to figuring out the trial tell them about it.” She finished drawing the symbol, “For now you need to rest. You were gone for three days.” 
Sokenzen cocked his head, “Three days?”
Isis nodded and tapped the symbol with her scythe. They disappeared in a flash of light.

Sokenzen sat at the kitchen table. A fire golem prepared food. Kame walked in, “So what’s your blood mastery?” He asked sitting down. Sokenzen’s body slowly began to char, he stretched his arm out. “I have a fire body now.” The char receded. “I can transform as well.” He flexed his arm and it transformed into a clawed hand. 
Kame motioned if he could examine the claw, “I see so you can become a full werewolf? That’s amazing.” The golem placed a plate of food at the table. “Ah eat. Gather your energy back. Heard Fuego’s pasta is good.” Kame stood.
Sokenzen grabbed a fork and asked, “When will the others attempt the trial?” 
Kame held the door open, “Not until you are at full strength. Having more than one of you guys down is scary.” He walked behind Sokenzen and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Glad you made it Ken.” Sokenzen smiled and Kame left to the library. 
Kame entered, Megumi sat at a table with Isis and Persephone. Megumi welcomed him as he sat at the table. Isis spoke, “Three days. But I don’t think he knows it was three days. He was confused when I said it.” 
Kame reclined, “Could be the same time dilation that we had when we met Life and Death.”
Isis crossed her arms, “True. We will only know when the others finish their trials.”
Megumi placed her hands on the table and scooted her chair back, “I feel like I shouldn’t be listening to this. I’ll be in the bath.” 
Kame looked at her, “Its fine Meg…” 
She interrupted, standing, “Nope. This is an Arch-Elemental meeting. I’m just a memory keeper.” She headed to the door. “I trust you guys but… I can’t handle the way you three talk about us.” 
Kame looked down, “Almost like pawns right? Sorry but we…”
She interrupted again holding the door open, “Must do as we must to gain knowledge. I know. Sorry again.” She exited.
She let out a small sigh. She could handle his memories and those of the twins but when it came to the present. She felt chills when they spoke. She entered Ayumi’s room, Ayumi looked at her from the bath, “He sis you okay?”
Megumi began to take her robe off, “Yea sis just… long day.”