Early Symptoms of Dementia

Dr. Antonio Bullon received his medical degree from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. As medical director of the MetroWest Medical Center’s geriatric and neuropsychiatry treatment unit, Dr. Antonio Bullon has assisted patients with diseases and disorders such as dementia.

Contrary to popular belief, dementia is not a disease but rather a group of symptoms that can be associated with several diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Lewy body dementia. While memory loss ranks as one of the defining characteristics of dementia, a number of secondary ailments are necessary for a dementia diagnosis. For example, general forgetfulness may simply be a sign of natural aging, while difficulty remembering combined with an inability to focus and trouble with verbal communication could be indicative of dementia.

Most memory-related symptoms of dementia involve short-term memory loss, particularly when it comes to seemingly innocuous details. For example, an older individual may have perfect recall when it comes to a birthday party several years in the past, but might not remember what they ate for dinner the night before. Issues with language and communication, meanwhile, occur when a person cannot effectively convey their thoughts and emotions with words. A person struggling with linguistic expression may repeat themselves and engage in circuitous conversation before finally concluding.

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