Hello world!

Yeah! This is my first time writing here and first of all I want it to be clear that this space will be something colloquial, personal and whose responsibility is totally mine. This is not a random decision or something without a purpose but this is (like all I want to write from now) something tricky to explain and this is actually the starting point.

A breath of fresh air

To those ideas that I would like to dedicate a bit of time to.

Hasn’t happened to you that sometimes you have like flashes in which you think that what you think is at least important enough to not forget it?

Many times it has happened to me, many of them I don’t remember anymore and this produces me a deep feeling of anger, a feeling that with no doubt needs a space in which to be free, take form and grow, and a breath of fresh air.

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Something to share

Hey wait. This is not my story, this is not me telling a story, this is our story and this is not me thinking aloud, I’m talking to you and I would like nothing more than this being bidirectional. I invite you and I encourage you to participate in this space.

We do not want to wake up tomorrow in the same place where we woke up this morning, we want to progress, we want to evolve and we want to build little by little through the shape we want to give to the ideas that we mentioned before. Those ideas that precisely do not deserve anything less than to be discussed.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing these discussions adopt a decentralized form and composed of multiple spaces like this in which dissatisfaction, curiosity and passion give free rein to our shared imagination.

Let us begin

This will not be something inflexible, it will be something that, when necessary, will simply appear.

See you soon :D

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