Why a startup can save you from boredom.

Don’t be afraid to change job if you feel bored!

It is in the human nature to find a secure shed where we can feel protected and relaxed. We tend to do that in everything, when we buy an house, create a family, build a circle of trusted friends and also when we look for a new job.

I believe that this tendency comes from the idea that not having to worry about “danger” give us more freedom to focus on other things. It makes perfect sense to me. Actually, more than an idea, could be a “surviving instinct”.

Wait a minute. Could this be the cause why many of us often feel unsatisfied in their jobs (and maybe also in their lives)? And is it really some “dangerous” situation what we are trying to avoid or is it actually the uncertainty of the unknown?

Don’t be afraid of the unknown! You don’t know if it is bad or good until you try it.

Why am I writing this? And how all this is connected to startups?

Both for work and study I have been travelling Europe for the last 10 years, changing cities, finding new friends and working for different kind of IT companies as Software Developer. During this time I have learned that “changing” has made me a better person and a better IT professional.

I have worked for small and big companies, from e-commerce field to the financial field. At the beginning it is always nice and interesting because everything is new. You try to enter in a small-medium sized company, and then a step at the time you try to go bigger, thinking that a bigger company is a “safer”, or just more “recognized” by people and family. However I have learned that as the company becomes bigger, it tends to have more rules. It tends to define your job and your day more strictly and it tends to make everything overcomplicated. Soon routine made my day boring, bureaucracy made me unproductive and the impossibility to shape the future of the company with my ideas and my work made me feel less and less satisfied about the job. So the change. A new job again. Because I have always thought that it should not be boring like that…

I started changing projects and companies to try different things and maybe for a lucky case or just because I have met the right persons, I ended up in a start-up.

I have to be honest, so far, working in a start-up seems the best things that could have ever happened to my professional path.

No long-term plans. Changes are just behind the corner. Every day new challenges to face. You cannot find always another colleague with the expertise that you need to solve those challenges, especially in small startups. So you have to figured it out by your self. That make you grow! That make you a little bit wiser every day. That keep you awake and away from boredom.

That’s my personal experience, and this article is just a thought throwed there in this sleepless night while thinking on how important was for me to don’t be afraid to change and to meet regularly new people who can push your limits and your idea.

Feel free to share with me what else worked in your situation to avoid boredom and to keep you learning.

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