Mi nivel de inglés es medio y quizás diga algo que ya esté dicho, espero no estar siendo…
Lia Goren


Thank you for reading, and for your comment!

I can read Spanish, but cannot write it well, so forgive my response in English.

Your moment reading Foucault does resonate with me. So much of what’s actually been of use to me from my education came from following a degree in Art. That most un-pragmatic course of study. The first to be set aside as a waste of time and money. Not only did it give me access to the arc of philosophy through the last few centuries, but it fed my expectation that I needed to find a personal response to what I learned. These concepts were not “academic.” If they were to lead anywhere I needed to find ways to bring them into my practices.

This has been a real problem with Psychiatry and capital E education. The separating of the personal from the global. What we know and what we do. These things only take force if we work to integrate our understandings into our lives and see how the personal is the political and how everything is in everything.

No ones sanity is independent of the sanity of the culture in which we find ourselves.

It’s been vanishingly rare to find anyone willing to enter into this kind of dialogue. I appreciate your work and am grateful for your participation here.