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This morning I was reading this wonderful article by Anupam Chugh where he is explaining what’s happening with the last iOS 14 update and his privacy features.

It’s important to understand that, Apple is probably the most engaged Big Company that steps out trying to protect user privacy. As a developer I know since 3 years ago that if you want to request a user location, you need to specify with your words why do you need, and also when. Android is almost the same, but for privacy features, seems that iOS is leading the battle.


Not everyone knows that…

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In the last few years, companies started looking more into their software architecture skills and background. Until the startup era, almost nobody was caring about architecture, everything was something like “It’s working? Ship it in production”. The idea of fail-safe was not taken into consideration. Back in the days, a system crash was a “normal” thing, not necessarily because of the mentality, but because the IT, the technology was something really new, so the people had no real expectations. …

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Here we go, nice Saturday today, good for some chill programming, A/C is doing his blessing job, everything makes this a chill Saturday.

I took a break and I started looking to Coffezilla videos on Youtube, if you don’t know who he is, go immediately and check his channel (No paid sponsorship, unfortunately). Anyway, his channel is focused on demasking fake online gurus, you know, that kind of people that your brain avoids when listening to sentences like “I make a $5000…{add random number} every day!! Get rich quick with me”.

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Ok, I know that seems to be a clickbait title but is not like that. Please, let me explain a little bit.

First of all, let’s take a look at what backend development means, and let’s make the differences between now and then.

Today we identify a backend developer as that person that (in a client-server application architecture), define and develop the server-side of the project. Should be clear so far, right? No, is not.

I want to use an example, let’s say that you’re living the year 2005, there is no real difference between backend developer, frontend developer, DevOps…

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I’ve chosen Go as my main language 6 months ago, at the moment I think that is the most powerful language out there. Balancing between power and ease to use. Before I started using Go, I had experience with PHP, Java, and Node.js as backend technologies, so all my experience is around the backend, the HTTP requests and all the things related to this.

As far as I grow as a developer, I understand better the limitations, the performance, and most important the usage that you can do with each programming language. …

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This 2020 started very productively for the programming side. As a background, I have experience almost in backend technologies.

Starting from the early stages of my developer journey, I immediately loved using PHP as my personal and main language. All of my projects were made by scratch without using any framework, I was happy with that, I still remember my firsts attempts including all the PHP code in a single page together with the HTML and the JavaScript. Yes, I made these things 12 years ago and I’m sure that you did the same.

So, the main idea was that…

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