Wind turbines, recycling, solar power, electric cars, carbon taxes… all of these innovative inventions — and yet little to no healing process.

Is there something we’re missing?

The two Davids of naturalism — Attenborough and Suzuki — have been sharing their adventures in this beautiful Earth of ours for years.

They may have different approaches, but their biggest dream was always to open our eyes to how truly precious our world is…

They say life in Toronto is just living fabulously in debt — Or not. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider moving to Canada’s most beloved city.

An article from September 2017 breaks down the standard living in Toronto as:

  • Housing and Utilities = $1,848.57
  • Phone = $83.08
  • Transportation = $26.25
  • Groceries = $425
  • Entertainment & Dining = $52.58
  • Extra = $100

Coming to a total upkeep of: $3,085.48 / month

According to this article, the average citizen should expect to make a minimum income of $47,500 a year.

Fret not, of course — if nearly 3 million are able to manage a life in Toronto, then you probably can too… if you are willing to play your numbers right.

1. For those pursuing a business career

Just last month, Microsoft announced a major…

Everyone has it — that feeling when a song hits just the right notes at the right time, sending a shockwave of excitement throughout your body…and yet some never do?

There have been several studies on this topic, considering how moving certain pieces of music can be. Research shows that sometimes it’s less to do with the song, and more to do with the person listening.

A recent study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience took 20 people — half of which experienced some sort of a ‘chill sensation’ while listening to music — from ages 18 to 34.

They were each given six songs — three of them favourites, the other three were songs that were familiar but did not give them the chill sensation.


At first glance, time taken out of your busy schedule — and into a spiritual lifestyle — seems like a setback… think again.

Many high caliber entrepreneurs are boosting productivity, improving their health and discovering untapped skills all by just learning some simple techniques from Buddhism.

Major teachings of Buddhism have been:

  1. To be equally mindful towards actions and thoughts
  2. To develop wisdom and understanding

1. Compete in a highly stressful, and highly competitive industry, using these common Buddhist practices:

  • Every day mindfulness — helps regulate the pressures of a high-stress career
  • Mantra— realize your awareness about your knowledge and abilities (when called forward to pitch a new idea or to seek employment, your confidence…

Antonio Gianni Martinez

Canadian, born and raised. Centre-left politics. Writer, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur. Passionate about arts, humanities and science!

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