Vaping ! Are we creating a new problem ?

Will vaping eliminate smoking cigarettes or just create new problems? E-cig could be the key to ending tobacco smoking .Some of the benefits of vaping are that e-cigs are less harmful than cigarettes. Professor David Swear believes that e-cigs can save millions of lives. However, there is some debate on the benefits of vaping, such that vaping is targeting a younger audience (Metro). High school student for the past few years the smoking percentage is going down. And vaping is becoming the trend. Eventually, we started a new problem by fixing the other. vaping could save a live and could heart an other .

Even-though vaping is less harmful than cigarettes smoking .Vaping is bad to E-cig vapor show high level of formaldehyde a carcinogenic substance which show a higher cancer risk than smoking, in contrast a recent study found that heavy user of vaporizer at high voltage was 15 times more likely you get cancer then long time smoker . That only on high voltage, vaping on low voltage doesn’t create the formaldehyde.

There are many reasons to choose vaping instead of smoking. Smoking stinks literally. It makes breath, hair and clothes smell like it. And it has many problems: may cause cancer, raises blood pressure, very addictive, major cause of stroke … .Every year about half million die from related illness from smoking. 

Finally, there is a lot of debate on vaping or smoking, neither is .good for your health. Although, vaping is safer for your health then smoking cigarettes. Nicotine is the worst, it never going to be easy to quit it . The solution if you can’t quit it, vape instead at least you want be hurting yourself as much and killing people around you. I hope in foreseeable future that the world be tobacco free , and in the next decade the world will be clean and free from nicotine .So , lets not say no more smoking , or quit smoking , or smoking kills …. lets start saying a world with no nicotine addicts .

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