Church on Time

In an everchanging time, there is always that towering figure in every heartland America and anywhere is where God is.

Its always been the period of great uncertainty, of great political turmoil and anxiety. I guess we can always turn our backs on anything that doesn’t seem nice to look at for longer periods. To lose but to begin again a new chapter in life. Everyday is a day of change and second chances. Our lives is how we need to keep living it, not about the influx of migrants nor the erection of any pipeline or great wall decreed by a new King. Trump will always be news to us, bad news, good news, we, ourselves, our own health is our own healthcare program. America is a land of lush groves and quiet neighborhoods. And of course every night is a night to keep hating the bad guy in front of our TV sets. de Niro vs Trump and much more. Now they’re doing it off world. That really got me, got me thinking and more birdbrain stories.