How is that again?

America is a target.

There is an open and a declared state of enmity between America and Islamic terrorist group. Put yourself in that position, you will do the same.

Heightened state of security alert.

There is no ban. You must just have the required travel documents while travelling to and fro.

Russia is in no better position. Its ambassador to Turkey has been assassinated with Syrian invasion as the main reason.

America is in a combat ready mode. The homeland must be primarily protected.

This is the mood in the White House.

There’s only an extra clarification on identities, nationalities, background checks.

Islamic terrorists can launch an attack at anytime anywhere else in the world and only the Group of 8 are equipped enough to handle situations like these.

Canada immediately offers sanctuaries to refugees those fleeing the ravages of war like Sudan, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. So the UN must confer immediately with the Canadian government.

America is in a defcon mode not in building shelters for refugees.

This is the G-8 joint memorandum.

No one, no nation is so safe in a war against terrorism.