‘Services for the Majority’ Eat The World, The Case of Owners:

Antonio Lück
2 min readSep 27


At Matterscale, we believe startups bringing technology applications to underserved markets will thrive. Owners, a ‘business in a box’ platform servicing Hispanic immigrants in the United States, is a perfect example.

A Market Ripe for Transformation

The home services industry, encompassing areas like cleaning, painting, and remodeling, is one of the largest self-employed industries in the U.S. However, while the Hispanic immigrant entrepreneurs do most of the work, they receive a small fraction of the value created.

Despite being highly skilled in these areas, Hispanic immigrants face multiple challenges to thrive in the industry. Language barriers, limited professional networks, and a lack of experience in launching their businesses are some obstacles that limit these talented individuals to subcontracting roles.

Owners recognized this untapped potential and identified the specific challenges Hispanic immigrants face. The company promises to address these obstacles and dismantle them, ultimately transforming the landscape of the multi-billion dollar home services industry.

A Tailored Approach to Success

Owners’ mission is about empowerment. It offers a comprehensive suite of services to help entrepreneurs enter and excel in the home services sector. Their ‘business in a box’ solution allows any person with home-service skills (painting, flooring, roofing, cleaning, electric, etc.) to focus on providing their services as contractors by having a professional back and front-end operation, which includes launching a company, marketing and social media management, permits, acquiring customers, scheduling appointments, building estimates, and invoicing.

The Road Ahead

While Owners maintains its dedication to serving the Hispanic immigrant community, its focused efforts to understand and meet the specific needs of aspiring and existing home services entrepreneurs are laying the foundation for significant growth and transformation. As the Hispanic community expands, Owners’ vision is to unlock its potential, positioning itself to revolutionize the home services sector through tailored solutions. We eagerly anticipate Owners’ growth and the positive change it’ll bring to this underserved market.



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