Introvertedness In A Nutshell

“I’m an introvert” is not another way of saying “I’m a narcissist”.

While a narcissist is represented by a self-centered person who, basically, cares way less about other people within his/her surroundings, an introvert is often times the opposite. 
Introversion is a tendency: we (yes, I’m one of them) know and even like to be around others, but at the same time, we make sure to find time for curating our mental health; we simply crave “alone-time” sessions more than usual.

We’re reflective and extremely aware of our environment. 
We don’t fear people though, let’s be clear. We seldomly do. 
As a matter of fact, we like being around like-minded ones who confront us and challenge the way we think, and there’s very few things, in my opinion, that can contribute to our personal growth more than that. 
However, at some point, someway, somehow, an urge to get out and stand by ourselves starts to manifest within our guts, regardless of who we might be talking to. 
We just can’t help it.

We need recovery time, just to think about what happened, think about what that particular interaction might have been perceived from the other person’s point of view and what probably went right or wrong (probably only the wrong part). 
Think, think, and think again. Overthinking like it’s sheer oxygen for our brain. 
As Marcus Aurelius said:

“It is possible for you to retreat into yourself whenever you please; for nowhere can one retreat into greater peace or freedom from care than within one’s own soul. […] So constantly grant yourself this retreat and so renew yourself”

For introverts, this is probably our motto. 
We abuse that retreat, we crave that peaceful space. Being sure of having a personal, spiritual setting that no one can tap into gives us the freedom to know that, despite what happens, we’ll always be safe.

Often times I say that introverts are the strongest human beings on planet Earth. 
And I believe it every day more.


Because introverts learned how to be alone and be so damn happy with it. 
Not that we’re socially indipendent and strangers to any type of social emotions, definitely not.

We have our needs and wants, and we like to be surrounded by people that understand us and please us in some way. We want affection and we want to both love someone and be loved back. 
We actually crave those things, because, at the end of the day, what an introvert seeks is not a 24-hour alone-time session with him/herself, but rather a balance between dealing with ourselves and allowing loved ones to do so.
We know that the world can’t be faced on our own, but at the same time, we just enjoy our company more than others’. 

We’re not afraid to get out with headphones at full volume, fearing that someone might call us “loners”
We’re not afraid of inviting ourselves to lunch.
And we’re definitely not afraid of talking to others (let’s stop with this myth, please).

We love memorizing all of the deep lyric pieces we have on our phone. 
We write our personal notes and put them in a secret place no one will ever have access to.
We don’t need to document our entire lives through social media.
We love to listen to people who have stories to say, and we never get bored of them. 
We’re deep and passionate, and that makes us the perfect lovers for anyone who has come to know what real love looks like.

As we grow, we realize that we’re not that needy elementary school kid who acts like a chameleon to win classmates over anymore.
We understand that it’s ok not to appeal to everybody. 
We realize that we don’t need to chase anyone, at least anyone that doesn’t chase us back. 
We stop being the center of the attention because it’s not worth it. 
We learn to be blunt and honest when necessary, qualities that make us a friend that only a handful of people would deserve. 
And we learn that everyone is important, but not too much.

Let the extroverts be that way. Their insecurity is something that we’ve almost forgotten, but we let them live how they like, and do so without judging.
We know, in our heart of hearts, that we don’t need to show off anything, because the right people will eventually show up anyway.

We’re patient now. 
And we’re good.
We’re damn good by ourselves.

Funny enough, as soon as we reach that internal peace of mind, people start to follow us. 
They get amazed by our world, so much so that they will jump through hoops to be a part of that.
But we won’t look back. 
We’re on our own path now. And we’ve set unreasonable standards for those around us. 
We’ve come too far to look back. We’ve come too far to be stopped.

Did you like/hate this article? Despite being a natural born introvert, I will force myself to accept the confrontation with the constructive feedback that you’ll give me in the comment section below (I can’t even write it with a straight face. Whatever.).
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