The Republic has died.


Today, in the midst of the social unrest and the silence of the main opposition leaders, the last pillars of democracy have finally fell.

The fall of Venezuela: National Constituent Assembly. 05th of August, 2017.

Venezuela’s chief prosecutor, Luisa Ortega Díaz, as of now hasn't been able to access her main office and the Supreme Court has just deprived her from her competences as Chief prosecutor. This is happening today, 5th of August 2017.

There is no need to specify the protocols used by this corrupt Court, since it is rotten from the inside, just like the Electoral power. The procedures they announce with such thoughtfulness and “responsibility” are (and have been, since long ago) invalid by default. Their positions, declarations, the Constituent National Assembly itself, and all that surrounds it: Chávez -and Maduro-, 21st century Socialism and all its characters, the Executive Power and its Ministries, the Court, the Electoral System, the commission of truth… were born, exist, and take actions based on the destruction of Venezuela as a whole: its institutions, culture, society, education, politics, its people.

Why do they win? Their *national* strategies are what have given them the trophy, and Goebbels would be proud. The information warfare is fierce, hostile: Internet is limited and not constant; partially censored. Also, not everybody accesses it. TV instead, is a full grown propaganda arm, with no room for opinions. They take every possible measure to divert from the real fact, with or without accomplices, with a prepared or casually exploited situation, you name it. They complicate the news and add events to create more commotion… They have so many strategies, and have made the people of Venezuela lose its morale, confusing them, playing with the facts for years and will do for years to come, as the current winds blow.

But not alone. They have needed help and they've gotten it, for the real opposition is not the current, and in fact, it may be the very reason why they’re still sitting on the throne governing the seven kingdoms.

Julio Borges, Henry Ramos Allup, Henry Falcón, Manuel Rosales (left to right, top to bottom). Source:

The “Riders” or “Jinetes” as Julio Jiménez Gédler stated it some days ago, may have been responsible for the fall of democracy in Venezuela. Falcón, Rosales, Allup and Borges. But maybe others, maybe we’ll never know how many. Actually, all of them have political positions: deputies, governors, or political party leader. Instead, the most incisive and dangerous leaders have been silenced or taken out from the stage either by jail or house arrest, such as Machado, Ledezma and López. The public opinion roams around the facts and leaders “can’t” decide (or haven’t decided) what the true actions should be: and that is the triumph of Maduro and company.

This uncertainty on the fight against the (now totalitarian) system has been fueled by the lack of leadership and strategy in the MUD (Initials for the opposition party coalition) and I think, just like many, that it has been staged. Facts talk, but talking is not understanding. In summary, some days ago Ledezma released a video mainly referring to wrong negotiations made by opposition leaders (MUD members) before or after the 16th of July, date in which we “voted” against the regime. The opposition organized (in less than 2 weeks) these symbolic elections, by asking us rather redundant and obvious questions: basically whether or not we approved the national constituent assembly imposed by Maduro, if we demanded the military to support us, and if we approved to renew the public institution (corrupt) representatives. I wonder what the answer might be…

I imagine they were seeking for a number — more than 7 million people, and showing to the world that a lot of Venezuelan people disagree with an authoritarian, miserable, socialist and oppressor regime. Well that’s redundant, isn't it? just like the questions asked: news are there and the world knows it: everybody knows what the armed forces should do and that the constituent assembly is illegal, and everybody knows that the 3 main public institutions have been kidnapped. The numbers are also redundant: the polls show 85% (or more) of disapproval… What did they want to achieve?

The 30th, Tibisay Lucena, head of the electoral power, declares 8+million people voted “in favor” of the (illegal) National Constituent Assembly proposed by Maduro. 7 versus 8. Yes they cheated, but we knew that, even Smartmatic, the company in charge of the electoral machines declared that the votes had been manipulated. They are known to have cheated, publicly, in an election that shouldn't have existed of a Constitution reform that shouldn't have existed either. They even announced elections for governors after all that ripoff.

Yet, Henry Ramos Allup said yesterday, that he and his party (AD, a branch of the MUD) would participate in regional elections.

Any logical being would comprehend the nonsense of participating in elections managed by cheaters. Any logical being also (and more importantly) comprehends the futility of any possible electoral victory from now on, for the power has now been totally captured by the regime. There is no valid argument that can withstand Allup’s (and other’s) declarations. And, people that is well aware of the political ecosystem and history in Venezuela, has suspected at least once from them (reasons are too many and too long for this article).

Whatever the reason is, to me, a Venezuelan citizen, those declarations are a call to war with them. To me, they are playing their game, winning futile elections and earning power quotas, creating more confusion and driving us away from the real objective, but most importantly: losing time.

1999–2017. Grown up adults exist nowadays, that have never lived something different. Myself, I can barely remember different times. This project has sucked Venezuelan society’s life and will continue to do so until they — we — don’t realize it anymore. That, is the main sin these fake opposition leaders have done.

Ask yourself: who is the real enemy?

Antonio Del Negro.