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One of the pillars of modern game theory is the seminal work “Theory of Games and Economic Behavior” by Von Neumann and Morgenstern in 1944.

One of my professors at Bocconi once said that John von Neumann was an incredible genius, writing about several different topics without apparent effort, including game theory. Then a student asked, “what about Morgenstern?”, and he said: “Well, let’s just say that Morgenstern was very good at choosing friends”.

I think he didn’t mean it as a compliment, but I think it is. Choosing friends is a very important skill in life. Having good friends…

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A few weeks ago, I did attend the graduation ceremony for the School of Economics students at the University of Surrey. It is always a nice moment for everybody involved, and a time in which our students celebrate and plan for the future.

Usually the graduation speech is delivered by some big names, but my university decided to give one of our graduating students the opportunity to address its fellows and their families. This year, we had Mutale Chewe (check her out, she is really good) delivering a very nice speech.

What really did strike a chord for me is…

It’s that time of the year…

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We are getting closer to summer, and this is the period in which PhD students enrol in summer schools.

Summer schools are a great way to boost one’s knowledge of the recent developments in a field, an efficient way to acquire new tools, a pleasant way to enlarge your own network, and a very enjoyable experience.

However, most of the time students enrol without giving too many thoughts about what they are paying for. Here are a few things to consider before clicking on the apply button.

1. Skills rather than content

When choosing a summer school, it is best to prioritise the acquisition of…

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TLDR: I have to organize seminars for my department. I’m lazy, so I wrote code that will do it for me. Yes, you can use it, and even improve it.

You may have heard that academic life in UK is becoming quite bureaucratic. There are many activities that in the rest of the world are assigned to administrative support, while in UK tend to be part of the workload of academics. So it is not surprise that academics try to minimize the time spent on them.

With one notable exception

Metallica’s first album. They were about 19 years old. Think about it.

TLDR: This is a revised version of a somewhat motivational piece I’ve written for my first- and second-year undergraduate students a while ago, but I am still using it every year in my classes. Before you jump at my throat and try to kill me for it, be aware that: THIS. IS. NOT. ABOUT. MUSIC.

Dear students:

I have noticed a pattern that every year presents itself when my course becomes a little bit more challenging. Assignments are more complicated, and you start to ask questions. At first, just a couple of them. Then they start pouring in “build that fucking ark…

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I'm an Associate Professorial Lecturer in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Currently training for the next zombie apocalypse.

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