Tips for Finding Apartments in Barcelona

Are you looking for a flat in Barcelona? Do you know where to start? We have prepared a few tips that will surely help you in finding a good place to live in Barcelona. From how to make sure that all the documentation is in order to resources to share flat, without forgetting how to choose the best location and orientation. Do not discourage them, the ideal floor awaits you!

Choose between different types of accommodation. Sharing a flat is the first option most students ask for but there are also other possibilities, such as living in a residence or in a student housing. It is best to do three types of search by differentiating each type of housing to see if they fit with what is preferred and needed

Do not wait until the last moment to start searching. Advance is the key to finding the ideal floor. The best months to find house are from May to September and the average to book flats is in 52 days.

Make a list of preferences. Before you start looking, you have to think about which red lines you do not want to cross and what things can be sacrificed. For example, a flat near the University is more comfortable and saves time but perhaps compensates more looking in an area a little further away but in a more popular area.

Avoid Internet portals that do not offer floors verified by a team of professionals. On the Web there are many ads of false floors whose purpose is to defraud potential tenants. Therefore, it is best to rely only on portals that check the floors that advertise.

Learn about the rules of the neighborhood community. Before choosing a property must take into account the hours of noise, prohibition of parties, maximum capacity of housing, prohibition of pets, etc., all with the aim of having the best possible coexistence.

Read the contract carefully. It is essential to know what expenses are included and what are not (light, water, heating, wifi …), the duration of the rent and what furniture and utensils appear in the inventory of the house to avoid problems in the future with the landlord .

Orientation If the floor faces north, it may be perfect for vampires and night people. Of course, you will spend a lot of heat. On the contrary, if it is east orientation, be prepared to spend on air conditioning. However, air is usually cheaper than heating.