Readings on Healthcare, Digital, AI & Strategy for the week of Jan, 9th 2017


Already in San Francisco for #JPM17 (or #JPMHC35, official hashtag), this one of the most interesting Rock Health events that summarizes the great job during the year of many individuals and organizations in the field. Reviewing the list of the honorees is exciting to see In Vitro Diagnostics companies highlighted by the organization -such as EverlyWell (, Best New Startup.

The Top 50 in Digital Health:
Each year fifty of the leading entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, reporters, and providers dedicated to bringing technological advancements to healthcare are recognized at the Top 50 in Digital Health Dinner hosted by Rock Health, Fenwick & West, Goldman Sachs, and Square 1 Bank.


And since CES just took place in Las Vegas last week, it may be worth to review the highlights -in the case of this summary, limited to digital health. From the many interesting announcements, I would like to highlight Qardio’s launch: QardioCore ( If its multi-parameter monitor lives up to the claim (“medical-grade monitor”), it may signal an exciting step, not just for consumers and athletes, but for inpatients. Medical-grade data is, and will remain, a must for digital health to enter the hospital walls and make a difference. My main concern is the following: the great majority of “digital health” innovation is still focused on keeping the healthy, healthy (laudable goal), but the biggest challenge for the healthcare system is to help the sick get healthier -as well as avoid them get sick in the first place.

31 new digital health tools showcased at CES 2017: By Heather Mack
While digital health doesn’t have as big of a presence at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as other industries, there were a fair number of wearables, apps and sensor-enabled tools showcased. There were also several partnerships announced, which you can read about here. Some have already been covered in MobiHealthNews yet didn’t make their official debuts til this week, but most were new announcements to the world. Here is a list of 31 digital health tools we’ve rounded up from CES.


Most of the articles I read about AI focus on the technological perspective. That may be why I have thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Jack Clark that cover the “other questions” around Artificial Intelligence.

The Public Policy Implications of Artifi¡cial Intelligence:
Jack Clark and I are both lapsed technology journalists, and he writes one of my favorite new newsletters of this year, Import AI, which summarizes major research, hires and products in the space.
He now works for OpenAI, alongside a team of researchers, where he handles policy, communications and partnerships. OpenAI is an AI research lab set up by former Stripe CTO Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Elon Musk, and Sam Altman. Its mission is to build safe AI, and ensure AI’s benefits are as widely and evenly distributed as possible.


Given the relevance of digitization -or digital transformation- for all of us working in corporate strategy, understanding the different business models that may be leveraged should be everybody’s goal. The strategy+business article that follows would be a good way to start thinking about this.

Four Business Model for the Digital Age:
Digitization, which is of course happening all around us, is opening up a whole new spectrum of opportunities to create value. But how do you navigate this new horizontal world?
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